Barrita: A prayer, safety tips

CEBU Archbishop Jose Palma has issued an “Oratio Imperata,” a special prayer seeking protection from super typhoon “Ruby” which is forecast to hit the Visayas Saturday.

Part of the special prayer reads, “As we face the ferocity of typhoon Ruby, save us from this calamity. Bind its anger and cast it into the depths of the sea. Keep watch over our properties.”

This prayer is apt. If you merely pray for Ruby to change course and spare Cebu, it would still wreak havoc in other areas.


The Philippine Red Cross has also issued a number of “Survival Tips” before, during and after the typhoon. Here they are:

Before the typhoon. This includes storing adequate food and clean water, foods that need not be cooked, keeping flashlights, candles and battery-powered radios within easy reach, repairing the unstable parts of the house and keeping tab of weather.

This also includes early harvest of crops, securing livestock and fishing boats. Those who need to evacuate must bring clothes, first aid kit, candles/flashlight, battery-powered radio, food and others.

During the typhoon. Stay inside the house. Keep updated with the latest weather report. Keep safe drinking water.

Keep an eye on lighted candles or gas lamps. Do not wade through floodwaters to avoid being electrocuted and contracting diseases. Evacuate calmly.

Close the windows and turn off the main power switch. Put important appliances and belongings in a high ground. Avoid waterways.

After the typhoon. Make sure your damaged house is already safe and stable when you enter. Beware of dangerous animals such as snakes that may have entered your house.

Watch out for live wires or outlet immersed in water.

Report damaged electrical cables and fallen electric posts to the authorities. Do not let water accumulate in tires, cans or pots to avoid creating a favorable condition for mosquito breeding.

These tips could help us save lives, most especially, our own.


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