Bautista: Grumblings

NEVER Grumble.

We all get disappointed from what goes on with our lives. We all have dreams. We all want a world that goes around us and that’s how we want it to be.

We pray for our kids to do well in school. We want food on the table. We work harder for our own business. All these we pray for what we really want.

In reality, it is never what we always pray it would be. We always have to work hard for it. We realize that things are not always what you want it to be.

It is especially worrisome if for some reason Juan is too expectant of things that are beyond their control. The Presidential election results, local elections, the burial, RH Bill and worse, if Juan is even affected by Brexit or the United States Elections.

I would rather focus on how I have done my job as dad to my kids, owner of a business and leader to some organization that look up to the decisions I make.

I will also concern myself with how healthy I am and so is with my family. The things my wife does plus how she takes good care of my kids. This is what I will focus on.

I will grumble when these things don’t go my way or how I wish it could be. I will however just watch and see what goes on other than the things I have mentioned and where it concerns me personally.

All others I will just find my place. How I wish I had a better President, Mayor or Congressman or whether some Juan is buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, the Great Country leaving European Union, war on drugs, the American Election results. I will always want it to go my way.

But when reality sets in and it doesn't, I will not grumble. I will move on.

I do know that it does not affect me personally. Even if it does I will not complain and rant or find enemies to fight and argue with.

I will respect every Juan's opinion. I will also understand that in a democracy every Juan has a say. But the majority it will always be.

Things will not always go the way you may want it to be. I understand it. I pray you too. Remember that the sun will always shine tomorrow.

Be comforted with the fact that when you wake up, first that you did, and second to find beauty among the bushes with the flowers and and third to smell its scent. That is LIFE.


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