Bautista: Priceless

TRAVEL, wherever it may be, near or far, would always entail some cost. That is just how it is. However it should not be the least bit reason to not to.

Getting out of Juan's space is a sure fire therapy for all sorts. It opens your mind, it refreshes your thoughts, a reboot and restart to everything.

Life will surely change after. It is just like recess, the reason why as kids we had some of it. And when back to class, everything is ok once more.

Juan by now must know how extensive my travels are. I am testament to all I have just written. I however will try to expose the tricks to this trade. Travel does not cost as much, actually.

Before any travel at least a year before, great deals can be had. An airline ticket round trip to Europe or the Northern Americas will cost half if Juan tries to plan early and will surely find it.

My budget for such a trip should be only 600 dollars. I will tell you, all our trips have been at such a price only. Roundtrip.

Stay with friends and relatives.

Offer to do groceries and cook instead for hosts. Dinner is best when they come home from work. I do. Gas stop has to be paid by you. Snack and a full tank. Just by that it will impress already. Surely they will take you everywhere from then on.

I am usually lent a vehicle for use and during my stay. Even for cross country drives. And my kids like I do, love gas stops and their food offerings. It is always only 20 dollars for us all. Hotdogs and burgers or pancakes work for us always. Well coffee only sometimes.

Some bread of any kind and canned pâté or cheese will always work, just to get Juan by. Keep extra coins for when a vendo machine can be found, there are, trust me. Always a treat.

Other than plane tickets I suggest that Juan gets a Britrail for England, And Eurail for Europe. It is just much cheaper. At 200 dollars Juan gets to go wherever if planned earlier. No way is it possible, when there. It has to be bought from here.

Plan for night trips.

Sleep in the trains. Seats can be folded like a bed. Wake up in another country and ready to move around and whenever. The ticket used the night before can still be used until before midnight. Make the most of it. No hotels here. Save it.

A fastfood burger or sandwich works every time. Have it in the trains. Beers or wine work too. Sleepy Juan shall be after. Fresh before the start of the day. Comfort rooms are always available and FREE in all trains.

Buses are now a new thing.

Just like here, they travel nonstop. Wifi included. It took me 50 dollars from Munich in Germany to Vienna in Austria. In just 5 hours. Good time for a good book or a good story to write.

There too are cheap flights from one place to another. Just check online before getting one. From Sicily to Paris we found tickets at P3000 each. From Milan to Sicily it was even cheaper at P2000. No kidding.

It all just depends on how well you would want to travel. Oh and by the way it was even cheaper then. This is prices of today. I just did so.

Fastfood offer special deals for the day.

Go for them. At one euro, many can be had. Don't be choosy. Go for what's on special. Buy a bottle of water then just refill them every time and everywhere. There is always a water fountain. It's free. Groceries have two euro wines, and good. Look for 14 percent alcohol wines.

McDonald's and Burger King are also the best places to get wifi or go and relieve Juan's self. Free again. The best weapon for this is wet wipes. The water bottle helps too if you know how.

In any of what I have mentioned, the best is still to try Juan's luck upon meeting any Filipino. Believe me, they will help out every time. A room, dinner or some cheap trick.

I have stayed and traveled for six months. I'm always on a budget. No chance to splurge at any time. I survived. There too are more I could really share but that would already take out all the fun of things.

Go out and travel.

Find a way. Juan may have a credit card for emergency purpose, but leave it as it, for emergency. Invest in Wi-Fi. Booking online is always and definitely cheaper. Lots of promos can be had. Leave your iPhone on airport mode always.

Oh but while everyone can be trusting, no police, no guards, no attendants, no conductors, no ticket checkers, no gates... Trust me, just pay. It will cost more if ever.

In a few occasions I have seen inspectors. And while it may not be too often it does still happen. Always bring your passport. There too are those who check whenever and wherever.

Never find any reason to ruin a trip or travel. All must be memorable. When things all go well, and when Juan does get the best of what can be offered, however cheap it may be, it will still be, PRICELESS.


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