Bautista: The sound of music

AS A young boy I would recall my mum taking us to Session Theatre for us to watch Julie Andrews.

In this movie she plays the role as yaya to the Von Trapp kids - seven children to a military officer.

As a movie there must have been many a script to this, except what made this movie famous is that it was a musical.  One might remember such songs as "My favorite things", "I am 16 going on 17", "" and of course the movie theme, "Sound of Music" where the hills are alive, with the sound of music...

Well, the hills are alive in this mountain city.  All because there's music. The University of Baguio now has a College of Music (the baby of president Jb) an alternative for high school grads unsure of what to take before deciding for one.

Elections also have passed and that alone is music to many. Music does relieve many things. Music is therapy, too.

But in this building across the University, one can hear the sound of music in the back portion on the 3rd floor.  Children of varying ages (year olds to teens) exploring and expressing themselves through, you guessed it, music.

Today the very first batch of kids will showcase themselves before their teachers (Joy and RL), mom and dad or lolo and lola. I would rather call it the first bouquet of flowers handpicked in our garden of music.

Listen to what this music sounds like... Monica, Erin, Azure, Sophie, Alex, Maddie, Kai, Zoey, Alab, Jesie, Shobe, Zion, Mateo, Xian, Anton, Enzo, Brittany, Sofia, Angel, Avery, Earl and Ethan. This is the sound of music.


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