Bautista: Whoa men

TIME was when women were tending the home and family. It was when a man's success was because of a woman. This was when because of family, she resigned from her job to take care of everything other than what she would use to do. That was then.

Today, I find myself in this other shoe. I refer the whole paragraph to my significant other, Joy, a Certified Public Accountant. Surely, while I may have said so, it will also relate exactly the same way to others just like her. Like my Mom too.

Dad and I, while we still have our own things, now contend ourselves to be in the backseat from them this time. There was a time when it was us who were taking charge. He was father to the university, the Jaycees, the Senate, the foundation, educational measurement, educators retirement, Boy Scouts and cleaning Baguio and many more.

I was a father to the city for a while with all its ups and downs, it's glory and to what it is today. Now, I’m the man for a big foundation and a daily newspaper as president, dad to athletes in boxing and basketball, still a Boy Scout and father to all scouts for Luzon.

Despite all these, we both find ourselves stepping back from where we were and not taking the lead this time.

Joy now mothers her own school for infants and toddlers, at the same time also manages a bank. Mom is mother to an international art council. She too is top hen to this bank which Joy manages. Other than being my mom and Joy, mom to my three children.

JB, my brother, has just finished his term of two as father to UB and now takes charge of two rural banks. It is his wife Gheni who for the most years ran the show. It is Waltrix Productions that brought to Baguio, the Lettermen, Cascades, Air Supply, Dione Warwick, Fra Lippo Lippi, Lani Misalucha, John Ford Coley, America and recently YouTube sensation Boyce Avenue plus many more.

My sister Tin-Tin now manages nine rural banks, she is mother and worked aggressively to make it to what it is today from very humble beginnings.

Both Tin-Tin and Gheni are mothers to four kids each. Wow men.

Our youngest Jenee, a dentist, is mother to twin boys and secretary to our family corporation. Like mom, she now sits with the Girl Scouts Council of Baguio.

Me and JB are now relegated to doing the home chores. Making sure food is on the table, previously, we made sure there was food on the table. Now, we literally place food on the table, do the grocery, market, then we cook it too. We are waiter and cook in one. Really!

Role reversal is now what it is, apparently, the tables have been turned. From a little less than 10 years it is now the opposite. And I say this is only in my family. This is and will be the trend for many others the next years to come.

So is the same with the families of my father's brothers. Fer, Ben, Des and Gil have their daughters taken charge. Ynna is president, Lylah is chairman and Ems is secretary of UB. Tims is president of NakTayNay Inc., the family corporation.

Dad's only sister Roselyn manages the affairs of the different boards of the family as our mother. She makes sure for all the three boards that meetings go well and food is also on the table.

At present, I wait home for Joy and my daughters, it irritates me when food cooked and prepared is in the table with not any of them home to eat it. I makes sure that there is eggs or if cooking gas (LPG) is still available. I wait for them every day at home.

Juan will guess that I would have some house help, well, come over and see or ask my close friends and that I do not have one. We really do except she works for Joy in her school too. Joy has had her ever since she was still single and working in the bank.

On a normal day I am alone at home tending to all things... Home.

I will continue to do all these for all the women that I love and I love doing it. Whoa!

Happy Women's Day and for the whole month of March, March for Women. Whoa Men!


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