Bus transits, urban farm perks urged

ARCHITECTURE firm Palafox Associates is proposing to the new administration a number of measures to improve urban transport systems, including the adoption of bus and jeepney rapid transits, with the goal of alleviating traffic and maximizing business operations.

The firm noted that Metro Manila and emerging metropolises such as Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, Clark, Subic and Cagayan De Oro are “racing against time” in addressing sustainable urban and regional planning issues amid rapid urban population growth.

It urged the adoption of bus rapid transits with strict loading and unloading times and proper waiting platforms, Philexport News and Features reported.

Palafox said that the Philippines can learn from Bogota in Colombia and Seoul in South Korea, which had previously the same traffic problems as Metro Manila.

Fix walkways, too

u201cRealistically, building subways and trains is costly and takes so much time. Both countries, which are now boasting one of the best transport systems in the world, turned toward reinventing the bus system,” it said.

It also proposed the revival of sidewalks by instructing cable companies to properly place their posts.

u201cRemodel overpass walkways, as many are poorly made. Wrong sizes of stairs, which are slippery and not well lit; don’t allow illegal vendors in those areas. In central business districts, there should be dedicated bike lanes that private vehicles are not allowed to access,” it added.

Palafox also pushed for spatial development and vertical urbanism, including giving incentives in creating urban farms using the top floor of buildings in houses.

u201clmagine Metro Manila adapting the Green Agenda of New York; it is for certain that there will be healthier locally grown food choices available in the area. Open spaces and parks could also be used as urban farms, instead of selling these ‘lungs of the city’ to private developers,” it further said. (Philexport News and Features)


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