Buzz: Allies outdid one another for their ‘boss’ PNoy

PEOPLE who celebrated, when the House earlier approved the impeachment complaints against President Aquino as sufficient in form, celebrated prematurely.

Yesterday, the same committee voted all three complaints as insufficient in substance, 54-4. The plenary vote isn’t expected to muster a third or 97 for impeachment in the predominantly pro-PNoy House.

The debate, a House watcher noted, was not over PNoy’s culpability but over which lackey defended him best.

u201cShame on you!” wailed by a student leader wasn’t derogatory on the PNoy defenders. It was a badge of honor they could wear when they report to the leader. What did the anti-PNoys think of an impeachment process: a triumph of reason?

It’s a numbers game and the LP alliance in the House holds, even after the loss of the pork barrel. Many allies don’t believe they’ve really lost it anyway.

Janet’s doctor; bill vs. intrusion

INTERESTING ITEMS you might have missed:

... JANET NAPOLES’S ONCOLOGIST TESTIFIED before Makati Judge Elmo Alameda’s court, which hears the kidnapping charges filed by whistleblower Benhur Luy against her, saying he could not rule out the possibility of “private, intimate contact” being the reason for Napoles’s bleeding, “Napoles was only human and had urges.”

Prosecutors wanted to prove that Napoles herself could be blamed for her illness and asked to know what “intimate contact” meant. Defense lawyers objected and asked the judge to let media leave the courtroom.

... A BILL IN THE HOUSE of Representatives, which purports to protect privacy, has been stalled though already approved on second reading because some lawmakers fear it would create a “chilling effect” on journalists House Bill 4807. “Protection Against Personal Intrusion Act,” would penalize “the recording of anything claimed as a personal or family matter even of public officials and personalities.” “Even an innocuous selfie with a public figure in the background could qualify as intrusion of privacy under the bill.”

And you know who the seven authors are? Radyo5 and report: Rufus Rodriguez of Cagayan de Oro, Maximo Rodriguez Jr. of Abante Mindanao, Jorge Almonte of Misamis Occidental, Linabell Ruth Villarica of Bulacan, Lito Atienza of Buhay partylist, Leopoldo Bataoil of Pangasinan -- and Gwendolyn Garcia of Cebu.

Who’ll run for Mandaue mayor?

WITH Mayor Jonas Cortes reaching term limit in 2016, how will his camp and Rep. Luigi Quisumbing’s stop the Ouanos from making a comeback in Mandaue City?

Possibilities, a City Hall watcher says:

-- Luigi will run for mayor while Jonas will run for congressman;

-- Luigi will run for mayor while Jonas will be his running mate and another ally, perhaps a dark horse, will run for the House seat.

The Quisumbings wouldn’t want an Ouano, even if the name is as mouth-watering as a lollipop, to “bully” them again.

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