Catajan: Life in motion

A THREE-WEEK journey to different odds and ends has left this traveler with a wealth of insight and a treasure trove of stories.

The journey has taken me back to the quiet solace of a highland town, appreciated and pondered on with its merits and beauty while surprise of the magic of a refreshing waterfall was enjoyed, while a long drive to the outskirts of the mountains has reminded me of the majesty of the highlands.

In between the flurry of travel, there is the occasional quiet moment solely for you, seemingly designed for reflection and a few unguarded moments of ponder.

When you allow yourself to sit back and take stock of trivialities of travel you will find yourself in critical evaluation of your life instead.

Amidst the backdrop of the majestic mountains of the Cordilleras in a long drive that won’t end, snippets of a forgotten past will haunt the insomniac passenger.

A flood of scenarios will ensue badgering you to think of happy endings that never were which pushed you to scorn the “happily ever after” cliché, travel will take you to places but also bring you back in time when nostalgia becomes a constant partner in times of flight.

One travels to see new things but in the newness of things you realize it will always be tainted with the stains of past, there is never a fresh start.

A blessing and a curse I guess, as memories can make or break you and for the most of times, it breaks you... to more pieces than the last time.

This is simply because: to start denotes some kind of an end. Goes together, cannot be separated.

Your life in motion while on travel is a burden nomad’s face in sleepless bouts on the road where the sunrise becomes a fitting backdrop for wandering thoughts.

There is no rest for the weary.


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