Centenarians feted

THE City Government of Baguio honored four centenarians during the celebration of its 105th Charter Day Anniversary on September 1.

These centenarians, 100 years old and above, were recognized for living a long and productive life.

This as the City of Baguio stressed the importance and role of the elderly in molding younger generations and contributing to the transformation of the city.

Among them is Manuela Romero-Flores, born March 4, 2014, from Barangay Gibraltar, who was born in Sampaloc, Manila, but grew up in Baguio with her parents and seven siblings.

She married Anatalio Salvador Flores, had three children with him, who they raised into morally upright individuals carrying exemplary values.

For Manuela's family and friends, she is a celebration of life because she lived to the fullest serving others. Despite some minor ailments due to her old age, she remains someone with positive outlooks in life.

Another centenarian is Magdalena Hub-On Layog of Barangay Irisan, born June 8, 1914, who hails from Banaue, Ifugao but was brought to Baguio by granddaughter, Mary, who took her grandmother under her care when Mary's parents died.

Even before she was brought to the city by Mary, who married here, Magdalena already considered Baguio as her second home as she fell in love with the city every time she visits Mary.

Magdalena became sickly as she aged prompting Mary to bring her here to take care of her with the help of her family.

Magdalena, who considers herself lucky for reaching her age, credits her life to healthy diet and love of her family.

Meanwhile, Petronila Dilim-Untalasco of Lower Cabinet Hill, born May 21, 1914, was also recognized.

Petronila hails from Naguilian, La Union but moved to the Summer Capital in 1939 where she started to work as a seamstress in Camp John Hay.

She has six children who are all educated and currently working as professionals - Chemical engineer, Electronics Communications engineer, Civil engineer, medical technologists and a doctor of Dental Medicine.

Her children testified they are what they are now due to the responsible and effective parenting of their parents.

While Petronila once lived in San Jose California after her husband passed away, she came back to Baguio City to reunite with her family.

Florentina Tabtab-De Vera from Barangay Gibraltar, born October 10, 1912, was brought to Baguio in 1936 from Manila.

Florentina worked with her husband as caretakers of a property in Mines View Park until 1977.

She credits her long life to healthy diet, loving family and a positive disposition. At her age, she cherishes her life by living to the fullest as she believes it is a gift from God.

Among these centenarians is the oldest, Fernando Javier aka Tata Arriba, who was born on December 22, 1907.

He served as a civil engineer during World War II in the United States.

His memories of the World War are still in his mind and can still recall his experience of joining the Death March in Bataan.

Fernando can still stand and walk on his own with the aid of a cane.

He also still enjoys reading books even without the use of graded lenses and telling stories.

These centenarians whose ages are near the age of Baguio City are not only a celebration of life but also considered icons of longevity and pillars of strength, physically, morally and spiritually.

Their recognition is pursuant to City Ordinance Number 45, series of 2013 known as the Centenarian Ordinance.


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