Chatting with ‘Blanc’

NEW, unconventional, and ingenious – that’s what BLANC magazine is all about.

Officially launched last January 11, it is Cebu’s first online magazine that highlights fashion, culture, design, and art.

Blanc’s premiere issue was graced by none other than the Queen of Cebu, Bee Urgello.

With over a hundred pages, the online magazine is an avenue for Cebu’s young creative minds; it is where they showcase their talents, skills, and innovative ideas that

style the future.

Sun.Star Weekend chatted recently with Blanc’s editor-in-chief, Josei Cuizon, on how a group of art aficionados were able to concretize their aspirations in a remarkably impressive venture.

Sun.Star Weekend: Can you give us a short history of the magazine?

Blanc: Honestly, BLANK started out as a joke brought up in our daily hangout every

after class. Each one of us wanted to be on a cover of a magazine, hence we had to make one. It was meant to be private, only to be distributed to friends, but the pleasing results have made us decide to share it to the world in the easiest way possible- the Internet.

We had our first issue in November 2010 with one of our writers, Dominique Roa, as cover girl. BLANC magazine was BLANK then.

We thought Cebu wasn’t ready for something so out and different, but it was us who weren’t ready yet. Due to our busy schedules, as most of us are still in school and we didn’t have the sufficient resources, we had to stop the magazine. However, the overwhelming response of our pre-launching issue: good feedback from friends and even from people we don’t know, had us decide to resume the magazine soon and get serious with it.

Sun.Star Weekend: What inspired you guys to start one? 

Blanc: There’s much you can do on a cover than just put a pretty face, dress one up in the chicest designer clothes and make one pose perfectly. That has been the trend in magazine nowadays; only the perfect and beautiful get to be on the cover and we have had enough of that. We had to break the standards and be more diverse – the world keeps moving and we have to move with it.  

Also we have the best talents here in Cebu be it in fashion, arts, music etc. The fashion circle is growing and new breeds are born everyday. It’s a never-ending hunt for these new breeds and our goal is to provide them the platform to showcase distinct Cebuano talent.

Sun.Star Weekend: In your site you mentioned ‘celebrating the underground youth’ – can you tell me more about this?

Blanc: It’s the market not all fashion magazines dare to cater. The underground youth are the unorthodox, the ones who don’t go by the norm, the open-minded, the free – the seekers.

Some of the most artistic individuals out there are the lazy ones, the shy, the ones who don’t blog or have a social networking account, the drop outs and the ones who haven’t realize their infinity – they are the underground youth.

rSun.Star Weekend: You had 110 pages in your first issue – that’s a lot! What kept you going? 

Blanc: Basically the passion the BLANC team is more than for the magazine, but for the arts. We don’t earn from this, all we can ever get in return is the appreciation. The support of some friends in the industry as well as the willingness of some to help out on the magazine kept us moving.

BLANC, new and revolutionary as it is, needs all the help and support from the people in the fashion and art circle in Cebu.

Sun.Star Weekend: What can readers look forward to in your upcoming issues? 

Blanc: We can’t wait to share to everyone what we have in-store for the coming issues.

All has been set for this year – hopefully everything will turn out as planned. Rest assured, we promise to bring you something experimentally new, bizarre and big every two months.

Keep an eye on BLANC as it features the newest kids in town as well as Cebu’s most wanted in the most unconventional way in awe-inspiring spreads, features and editorials. Blanc promises to continue taking lethal risk all for the love of art and androgyny.


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