City councilor to summon Marcon builders

BAGUIO City Councilor Edgar Avila is set to summon developers of a condominium at the Upper Genral Luna – Leonard Wood- Salud Mitra area after complaints from residents flooded his office.

Avila said Marcons Construction Incorporated has been requested to attend the local council meeting to shed light on allegations of danger and expansion without permits as attested by village officials and residents, alleging the situation of the broken culverts and severed sewage lines and destroyed roads.

Avila said nothing is too late for remedial measure and the call for builders to attend the council session is for clarification.

In a resolution, Avila said the request for a hearing convened by the committee on lands and urban planning or the City Council regarding the building permit, water and parking viability as well as the danger to life, destruction of the environment, and destruction of roads and grievous disturbance of peace.

Avila noted his office has received complaints against Marcons Construction Incorporated surrounding its construction at Upper Genral Luna – Leonard Wood - Salud Mitra area which residents in the area fear endangering not only the lives but properties of adjoining community including the roads in the area.

“While Marcons Construction Incorporated have acquired the necessary building permits and Environmental Compliance Certificates, reports that it may additional floors or widened construction require new permits and clearances as it would affect traffic, parking spaces and water which ultimately affect the entire community,” Avila said.

The original construction permit issued by the CBAO was for a six-story building issued prior to the enactment of the new zoning ordinance of 2016, there is a need to reevaluate the issue and to further conduct soil and other tests.

Avila said a cease and desist order might be issued if allegations prove true in order to solve the misdeed.

The alderman said the probe is not to drive away investors but to assure that all city guidelines have been satisfied.

Marcons Construction Incorporated is set to attend the local session.


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