Councilor moves to protect day care workers

ILOILO City Councilor Leone Gerochi has filed a resolution expressing concern on the plight of accredited day care workers whose position as City Government job hires is besieged with political harassment.

Gerochi said the almost 200 day workers in the city need employment protection, as they have dedicated their lives to public service for several years as teachers of young children and constant improvement of their teaching skills by undergoing and passing the difficult process of accreditation.

However, there have been instances where, for political or unjustified reasons, the day care workers have been abruptly dismissed from public service by non-renewal of their job orders and arbitrarily replaced with individuals who are not only unaccredited but also untrained as teachers.

Gerochi said that treatment of accredited day care workers with job hire status is anathema to the principles of good governance, as it erodes the morale of other day care workers, renders inefficient and wasteful allocation of public funds for the training and accreditation of such day care workers.

He added that it also causes prejudice against the right of day care pupils to good quality education.

Gerochi vowed to look for the possibility of establishing guidelines for the protection of day care workers through local legislation and they be given first priority or preference in the renewal of their job orders.

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