Davao-based firm to bring medical waste facility to other cities

DAVAO-BASED innovation company RAD Green Solutions Corp. hopes to bring its bio-medical waste facility, Pyroclave, in every city and deliver the cheapest service to hospitals in the long-run.

This was pointed out by the company's vice president for engineering research and development Roderick A. Dayot in his presentation "Pyroclave: A green solution for hospital waste disposal" during the iForum, one of the highlights of the Innovation Expo 2013 held at the Seda Hotel on Friday.

Dayot said the company set up its Pyroclave facilities in Davao City in 2011 at San Pedro Hospital and in New Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City, and Pulian, Bulacan.

This week, he said they are set to launch their new facility in Angeles City, Pampanga, and soon in Metro Manila.

According to the company's website, Pyroclave uses pyrolysis that utilizes "extreme thermal treatment to process medical wastes and operates at a temperature of more than 1,000 degree celsius. Shredding is not required after treatment while wastes are rendered unrecognizable. Reduction of mass and volume by 80-95 percent can be achieved."

Pyrolysis is defined as "a thermo-chemical decomposition of organic material at higher temperatures in the absence of oxygen typically occurring under pressure and at an operating temperatures above 430 degree celsius." It can treat all types of medical wastes including body parts, chemical and pharmacological wastes.

Pyroclave offers its clients a low cost and environmentally friendly solution in the managing of bio-medical wastes.

Dayot said that for the local market, they have a pyroclave processing system that can handle 1.5 tons per day and priced around P2.5 million, while in the foreign market they have a machine that can handle 10 tons of waste per day with an estimated cost of P20 million.

The machine feature a touch screen control panel, is hands free, remote control system, and has an auto stop feature.

In the remote system, the headquarters is able to know whether one of the facilities has problems since it will send a signal if it is experiencing one. They will then send the required person to fix the problem. In the auto stop feature, the machine automatically stops if it "fails to operate within its limits."

Dayot said their clients are in the medical field includes hospitals, clinics, and dialysis centers, to name a few.


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