De Leon: Here's for people born in the 80's (Who don't feel like a Millennial or Gen Xer)

IF YOU feel like a tito to millennials but OP (out of place) with Gen X, then this is for you.

My elder sister was born in the late 80's. Thus, some say that she belongs to the Generation X, while others would claim that she's part of today's most dissected generation -- the Millennials or Gen Y.

If you’re in your late 20s or early 30s, I bet you can’t relate totally relate to millennials. You probably feel like a young tito or tita when you’re with younger colleagues but you feel out-of-place with your friends who are in their 40s.

So what?

Well, this might be a very a frustrating state of being if you are like her and prefer to always put things into perspective.

Anyone born between 1977 and 1985 will understand this dilemma. These nine years are not enough to qualify as a separate generation, but many who are born during that time never quite feel like they're totally in. And they have every reason to think that.

But there is a simple solution: You can call yourselves a micro-generation because you're in between Gen Xers and Millennials. You are 'Xennials.'

And here are some signs to validate that:

1. You had an analog childhood and a digital adulthood.

2. During your growing up years, you played outdoors but coudn't text friends. (You probably know the term "telebabad," but couldn't coordinate meet ups with friends by text, chat or WhatsApp.)

3. You have used Hotmail, but also navigate social media like your were born into it.

4. Long before "Grey's Anatomy, you were watching "ER" Not to mention that you also loved Marvin Agustin's and Jolina's "pabebe" films. (Long before the terms was coined)

5. You listened to Blink 182, Incubus, The Offspring and Spice Girls.

6. You can remember when you first heard about Google and Facebook, but there was always internet — even if it just contained an encyclopaedia.

7. You didn’t get your first mobile phone until your late teens or 20s, and it was a brick.

8. You made mix tapes on cassettes, and you owned a Walkman.

But the best part? You both posses the cynicism of Gen Xers and the optimism of millennials.

Moreso, technology matured along your side, thus you had time to get used to it and were still young enough to feel right at home with it. You’re immersed in the digital world but still have a firm grasp of how the real world works.

Stay active until our next chat!


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