De Leon: Jesus, the Millennial

AS WE continue to celebrate Christmas, allow me to take you into this possibility.

Love it or hate it, JC was different. He was really different. (And I'm not only talking of the instagramable baby on the manger, but the millennial one.)

It was quite rare that he actually did what those around expected him to do. He has this counter-cultural nature. He was a good outlaw -- not the Ole Miss kind… but a rebel for a cause.

He especially frustrated the leaders of his time. The son of God was supposed to follow the status quo.

I hear much of the same rhetoric when it comes to Gen Y. Google the term “Millennials” and you’re almost certain there’s no shortage of material for criticism.

Many inside the church and workplace are very doubtful. This generation is just odd. They will not follow the rules. They are disrespectful. They are immature. But if we delete all the stigmas founded upon mostly garbage assumptions, strikingly, we'll see the same critique that Jesus had of the religion of his own time.

So, was Jesus Millennial-like? Do many of the values of Millennials parallel those of Jesus? I believe so.

He was insanely impossible to categorize.

The Son of God who rebuked religous leaders; A carpenter's son who claim to be a king; A king whose kingdom is not on earth; He said he will live forever, but he died on the cross.

Just when someone thought he belonged to a certain squad, he did something to refute it.

This was the case with Jesus…this is the case with Millennials. "They are fickle." They appear to be headed one way, then they change gears. Well, if Jesus' inability to fit in a certain norm caused the salvation of the world, maybe being hard to label is not such a bad thing.

2. Jesus knows his politics well.

"Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Give back to God what is God’s." Bam!!! Posted. Shared. Liked!

Millennials often get blasted as some sort of 'know-it-all-fools.' But it's because they are not into buying what political colors, news and history books are selling. They know their truth. They know their heroes. #WagKami

3. Jesus was groundbreaking.

Jesus broke all of the rules and thought way outside the box. He was considered outrageous, sacrilegious, absurd, weird, shocking and even sinful. He turned the church of his day upside down.

This begs the question: How would Jesus shock us today?

It's hard to break out of our comfort zones, and every generation has their own convictions that they assume are right, holy, and true.

But the Bible shows us, following God's will is often countercultural, even to the most 'devout' followers who think they have everything figured out. Do we really have everything figured out?

Don’t lose that passion to restore the world, Millennials. It is not a result of youthful naivety or spiritual illiteracy, it is straight from the heart of God.

HBD (Happy Birthday day) Jesus!

Stay Active until our next chat!


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