Dekada Genzola

FOR 28-years-old Silaynon Rodolp Steve Genzola, exchanging his white uniform as a nursing graduate to be able to produce colored and usually flamboyant gowns for beauty queens and bolder suits for men is his life's greatest risk.

Ten years later today, he celebrates a decade of his personal taste as he mounted “Dekada Genzola,” both a celebration and recollection why pursuing one's passion is always worth the risk.

It was in 2009 when the Nursing graduate earned his diploma. During the time when the need for nursing professionals was on its peak, with the global market opting Filipino caregivers to take on the job, Steve, instead of riding on the tides of opportunities, has become hesitant instead.

To him, suppressing his ingenuity and craftsmanship in exchange of dollars is blunder, worse, a way to ignite his slow death. That is why he decided to load off his confusions and followed his heart's desires.

Slowly, the young fashion designer has earned his spot in the usually competitive local fashion scene. With a more focus on men's wear, he has etched his name in the short list of promising artists in Negros today.

From school activities, costumes to the hotly contested Lin-ay Sang Negros gown competitions, his masterpieces were synonymous to elegance and style. His obsession for clean cuts and lines can be manifested in his creations.

With this, JohnJohn Ditching has passed on to the likes of Steve and his circle the leadership to spearhead the much awaited local fashion week.

To put color to his 10th year, fashion enthusiasts gathered to an intimate night in honor of the fashion genius. Local models and beauty titlists like Mutya ng Pilipinas NIR 2017 Lian Enumerable, Miss Cultures World Heritage 2017 and former Miss Silay Rizza Paula Lacson Infante and Lin-ay Sang Negros 2016 2nd runner-up Art Marie Getonzo of Sipalay sashayed in his creations.

Clad in larger than life ball gowns, fiery red ensemble and crisp white ethereal pieces, The Mansion in Silay City was once again a witness to a class act. Male models also paraded his signature formal wears with glittering silver cuts.

Know more about Steve and why he is more than a promising name in local fashion in this Q and A.

What is your greatest inspiration for your art?

I am always inspired on the people around the world. On how they play with the everyday clothes in relation to the type of culture and weather they have. And also how they would wear and how brave they are on their silhouettes but still stay classy and on trend.

Whose mind are you usually checking for inspiration?

I always like the design aesthetics of Alexander Wang, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto. It’s in how they play with details, structure, color, texture and techniques.

What is most fulfilling about pushing yourself?

Never back down. It’s okay to commit mistake, just learn from it. Be expressive and be brave to try new things. Listen to what other has to say and filter.

What is there to learn from you?

Everyone needs to be a victim to learn what they really want with their fashion and what really fits their personality, and once they found it, take a grasp with it and wear it confidently. Never ever let anyone dictate their fashion but always remember comfort more than style.

What do want to be known for?

Steve Genzola’s fashion is a line for the “Cool’s.” It’s appealing in nature where anyone could wear it. I want to set a significant trend that would always be around.


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