Del Rosario: Tidbits of Happiness

MANY people think that if only they had more money they would be happy!

Have you heard of Howard Hughes? At age 45, he was one of the world’s richest men. At age 65, with all his money, he was probably among the world’s most miserable men. He became a recluse. He was dirty! He grew his beard up to his waist. His hair reached his back and his fingernails were long and dirty. The former “lady’s man” was an ugly sight to behold! He had lost his zest for life!

Happiness is described as the condition of being happy. Gladness is a synonym. And the word “bliss” Implies the highest degree of happiness.

Happiness has no price tag on it. Happiness is a condition. Happiness that can be bought is fleeting and temporary.

People usually have different definitions or notions of happiness. One’s tidbits of happiness greatly depend on his values and what is important to him. Different things, different incidents, and being with different people cause moments of happiness of varying degrees to different people at different times.

Let me share some experiences:

In the past … happiness was … eating my favorite "dirty" ice cream, playing paper boats under the rain, playing and running in a dust-filled park, holding my dad’s hand, hugging my mon, going to the market with mom, catching and playing with "ambabal" (vernacular for beetle) and spiders, etc.

Then it became … recess time with friends in school, catching the attention of a crush, dancing with her, holding hands, watching a movie, graduation day, fitting into a job, etc.

Soon after … “I do”, “It’s a boy”, “he said ‘da-da’”, it’s his graduation day, sharing meals with family, vacations together, reminiscing the past, sharing a good laugh, presence and company, etc.

Someday … “he got a job”, “he says, ‘I do’”, “it’s a boy!”, “he has his own business”, “dad, you’re a grandpa”, etc.

Yes, happiness is the most sought after feeling of all ages. But somehow, it all boils down to one thing. Happiness is a state of mind.

Happiness does not just happen. We have to consciously choose to be happy in whatever situation we are in, and to keep choosing it every day!

My Dearest Children,

Tidbits of happiness. Add them all up. Count your blessings. And be thankful for each of them. Live your life by the words of the Lord in 2Thessalonians 2:13 which says, “We must thank God at all times for you whom the Lord Loves.”


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