Editorial: Alarming suicide rate

BASED on a 10-month period record of the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center, some 112 attempted suicide cases were recorded by the Psychiatry Department from October last year to August this year showing an alarming increase in the number of reported suicide cases in the city.

Twenty six of them were 13 to 18 years old, while nine attempted suicide cases fall within the 45 to 49 age bracket and one suicide case was a 60-year old individual.

Ingestion of multiple drugs, pesticides, insecticides, among others, was the most common suicide method with 69 patients, followed by incision with 23 cases, four cases of hanging, two cases of stabbing and one case of jumping.

The 112 attempted suicide cases recorded for a the period serves as the hospital's baseline data as BGHMC previous records were reportedly scattered and in disarray making it difficult for them to establish earlier baseline figures for attempted suicide cases.

Those who attempted to commit suicide have a high risk of committing the same act in the future, thus, appropriate interventions are being done to guide the said individuals in dealing with their issues in the best possible way to prevent acts that would result in loss of lives.

Medical doctors have cited numerous reasons leading to depression that when aggravated by mental illness, there will be a big possibility that the affected individuals will commit suicide using various forms, thus, the need for those with mental illness to immediately seek early consultations with the nearest hospital for proper diagnosis to prevent their situation from further escalating that may lead to suicide.

Suicide according to studies are linked to depression are public health concerns and health officials are urging the community and the government must work together to solve an impending social problem in the city.

The public is also urged to consult with psychiatrists to get the appropriate diagnosis for mental health issues to prevent them from being depressed and subsequently committing suicide.


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