Editorial: Frailties of a nation

IN THIS country, what happens when a woman falls in love?

In a place where we thrive on a dragging teleserye as the backbone of society, it can be safe to say that all hell breaks loose.

When talks of drugs and extra judicial killings hog the headlines daily, there is time for the country to dabble into the personal escapades of personalities we have put into office.

To be factual and avoid the tag of being biased, let us put things in perspective, referring to the long and drawn out discussion of Senator Leia De Lima’s personal life.

As the story goes, the good senator fell in love with her driver, with whom she had a relationship with, some would label the coupling as an affair with both being separated from their legal halves, yet some, take it a notch further and present the couple as the worst thing that could have happened to the country.

Before the admission of the lady senator of the relationship, she had been beleaguered with demons of a sex tape and insinuations of casual relationships with various men, painting her in the curious light of promiscuity.

So how do all of these link her to the drug trade? It doesn’t.

Falling in love with your driver does not tantamount to becoming a drug czar, even in the most sordid of teleserye’s but then again, let us leave this to time and let the weavers of dreams to craft a more believable story.

What does it mean then... to be frank; it means she fell in love with her driver. Plain and simple, the complications and implications must be taken on slowly and cautiously in the days to come.

We are sure they will be.

The woman whose hogging the spotlight for months has caused some to have nightmares about her attributed the intimacy with her driver as part of the frailties of a woman, to which sent feminists to the streets in protest.

Great author and feminist, Lualhati Bautista exclaimed women should never apologize for their relationships, owning up to the relationship because you wanted it and not attribute the act to frailties of gender.

It seems the good senator has acquired the habit of enraging people whenever she speaks.


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