Editorial: The curious case of Kian

SO MANY pressing issues have been trying to divide Filipinos.

Whether you’re a socialite or a punk, a university leader or a mailman, a rich man or a driver, you can answer this question like you are a lawyer backing up your side on a heated argument, “Are you pro or anti Duterte?”

Even before former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte won the top executive seat of the nation, everything that comes out of his mouth will be greeted with logical debates whether it’s on extrajudicial killings or his cabinet secretary appointments.

Recently, a case on a minor allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade who was brutally executed by policemen made waves in the social media, mainstream media, and every other platform of discussion. Some supporters turned their tables while the others stayed but blurted out wrong justifications.

A CCTV footage that went viral showed a police operation where 11th grader Kian Loyd delos Santos being beaten up by cops, gave him a gun and told him to run before shooting him. The cops, who were working on the war on drugs waged by the president, claimed the young “suspect” was resisting arrest but Delos Santos’ neighbors as well as the footage spoke of the truth that night- that the boy was mercilessly killed without trace of violent resistance.

Then the president, of course, got the blame.

His minions immediately went everywhere to research on all possible information that could prove Delos Santos’ participation in the trade, giving out written arguments suggesting that the benefits outweigh the downsides.

Some citizens who were outraged by the teenager’s death have taken to the streets, demanding an end to the drug war. They claim that the teenager's death is proof that even innocents have been victimized by Duterte's campaign.

President Rodrigo Duterte, however, personally promised the parents of the 17-year-old student that they will have justice for the death of their son.

Malacañang, in a photo caption, said Duterte vowed to the couple that "there will be no interference in the case," adding that "only due process will prevail."

The parents earlier filed criminal complaints against Caloocan police tagged in the August 16 anti-drug operation that left their son dead.

Duterte also assured the couple that their complaints will be handled fairly.

Opposition senators have called for the case to be transferred to the Office of the Ombudsman, however, questioning the independence of the Department of Justice.

In whatever way this ends, may we all realize that the bigger question is not whether you are pro or anti the president. May we should always arrive at well-rounded decisions. May our biases be not against or pro a person, may it always be pro-Filipino... pro-Philippines.


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