Fetalvero: The sound of PNoy’s record

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a magic word used by Mary Poppins to expedite things. She was the super nanny in the movie The Sound of Music.

How I wish we could adapt the same magic word to get things done as expeditiously as possible in this administration that has entered its fourth State of the Nation (Sona) address.

President Benigno Aquino III (PNoy) is no super hero. Several sectors in Philippine society are getting impatient and demand that a quick fix is done. In fact, there are eve sectors that call for his impeachment.

“Hinay-hinay lang ta.” This is not a quick step. It is more of a cha-cha dance. The present administration is trying to move forward and his detractors are pulling him backwards. Yes, PNoy may have his setbacks, and is slow in action as they claim but believe me being corrupt is not one of his faults.

Take note that this administration has impeached a Supreme Court justice who failed to explain what the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee called “ill-gotten” wealth. Aquino’s administration has so far detained the largest number of government officials elected or otherwise allegedly involved in the biggest scam in Philippine history.

This administration replaced several department heads and directors of key income-generating offices to include the Bureau of Customs. It also compelled military officers who were found to be ineffective to retire so they could be replaced by officers who may be able to solve the rising criminality and the never-ending insurgency.

The Aquino administration has detained a former president for alleged electoral fraud and for allegedly dipping her fingers in government coffers.

This country has not totally recovered from the 20 years of dictatorship when our economy was ravaged by a single family and its cronies.

Daang matuwid is a tough call and requires first of all a clean-up drive; get rid of the corrupt and then move on.

His political opponents accuse Aquino of politicking by going after his political rivals. I beg to disagree. I would rather believe that there are politicians who are now positioning for the 2016 elections. This is my Sona.


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