Globe launches ‘next-generation plan’

GLOBE launched yesterday its MySuperPlan, which it described as a “next-generation postpaid plan with new features that will allow subscribers to further customize and personalize their postpaid plans.”

With the MySuperPlan, subscribers get more than what they pay for with a plan value that is almost twice the value of prepaid load, the company said.

Each plan has a corresponding “peso value” (PV) that can be converted to allow subscribers to avail themselves of a combination of call, text or surf services, free or discounted gadgets and a monthly consumable amount for more calls, texts, and surf.

Subscribers can choose from Plan 299 with a P500 monthly PV, Plan 499 with P900 PV, Plan 999 with P1700 PV, Plan 1799 with P3200 PV, Plan 2499 with P4400 PV, or Plan 3799 with P6500 PV. With the allocated PV for each plan, subscribers can personalize their plans and choose the best combination of consumables, combo services, and gadgets that best fit their needs and preferences. Also available are the Unli Plan and the all-new Family Plan where subscribers can get as much as 11 lines under one account.

With a monthly PV allocated for each plan, subscribers can avail themselves of combo services and gadgets with corresponding PVs deductible from the total PV amount of each plan. Combo services range from 50 megabytes (MB) of mobile surfing at 99 PV, 20 minutes of Globe/TM calls at 100 PV, five minutes and 100 texts to all networks at 100 PV, 125 all network texts at 100 PV, five minutes of international calls and five international texts at 100 PV, unlimited surfing for BlackBerry devices at 599 PV, and unlimited surfing for other smartphones at 999 PV. Subscribers can choose the same combo more than once per month.

Subscribers can also choose a gadget with no or minimum cashout as well as the contract period of their preference using the peso value from their plan.

From a 24-month lock-up, MySuperPlan now offers contract periods from six, twelve, 18 and 30 months. Subscribers not availing themselves of any handset can also get a plan with no lock-up period.

After availment of combo services and free or discounted gadgets, unused peso value is automatically converted to a monthly consumable amount which can be used for calls, texts, and mobile surfing services.

Subscribers can also opt to enhance their plans by boosting them with unlimited services that can be changed monthly. Boosters range from unlimited BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) available at P99 monthly, 50 MB surfing at P99 monthly, unlimited calls and texts to one Globe/TM number at P249 monthly, unlimited text to Globe/TM at P349 monthly, unlimited DUO and landline at P450 monthly, unlimited BlackBerry surfing at P599 monthly, unlimited mobile DUO and landline at P599 monthly, unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM at P599 monthly, unlimited texts to all networks at P599 monthly, and unlimited surfing for other smartphones at P999 monthly. (PR)


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