Guidance Counselor in the World of Change

The advancing technology is becoming a threat to the changing world of counseling. There are forecasts that artificial counselors in the form of a computer would soon come out – thereby making the counseling profession as obsolete. However, the more life becomes difficult, the more I believe human counselors are necessary to meet human emotional needs that computers impossibly can perform.

The CHI SIGMA IOTA Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society International – IOTA PHI Foundation Inc. Philippines Chapter, in cooperation with the Holy Child Colleges of Butuan (HCCB), sponsors the First International Scientific Forum and Workshops on October 13-15 , 2015 with the theme “Multidisicplinary Development and the Guidance Counselor in the World of Change”, in Balanghai Hotel and Convention Center in the ancient City of Butuan, Philippines.

This time for the fourth time in almost two years that IOTA PHI sponsored international gatherings - all of the professions across disciplines will translate research findings for journal publication, provide an academic bridge between cultures , enhance scientific attitudes, contribute for a global flow of the newest scientific thoughts, appreciate multidisciplinary developments, cope with the demands of the world of change and address the relevant issues and concerns among educators and guidance counselors across borders.

The solid IOTA PHI BOARD is composed of Felomino A. Gargar, Ed.D, Diplomate IABMCP of HCCB as President , Dr. Rosalinda de Mesa of UP-Diliman as Secretary, Mr. Oscar Gomez of Up-Diliman as Treasurer, Rodulfo P. Esteves , Ph.D., Diplomate IABMCP of HCCB as faculty Adviser, and Dr. Rosenda de Gracia of Quezon City Polytechnic University as President- Elect. The founding President is Dr. Lily Rosqueta-Rosales, former Dean of the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City who all plays an important role in upgrading the guidance counselors profession by recognizing the value of multidisciplinary development through scientific research in today’s world.

Life members of the CHI SIGMA IOTA Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society International are assigned leaders who have distinguished themselves in the field of guidance. In the Philippines are: Trinidad O. Abenojar, Ed.D., Rodulfo P. Esteves, PhD., Rhodelia A. Gabriel Ph.D, Harry C.Lorenzo, Ph.D, Felomino A. Gargar, Ed.D., Letecia Aquino- Rebellion, Ph.D, Milagro Embuscado, Ed.D, and Lily Rosqueta- Rosales , Ed.., LPAC, USA. The eight life members of the Philippines are excellent in creating programs that would enhance progressive works in counseling globally. Membership to the Honor Society is by invitation based on scholastic records, and leadership , among other requirements.

The world can indeed change by helping others difficult lives to mend. The task seems to be so big and unrealistic, but professional guidance counselors can help reduce and eliminate the challenges and issues faced by a hurting individual. Meaningful counseling is not easy – it is never easy to discover others world, never easy to walk along with their journey and never easy to help them think differently and facilitate change – real change.

Indeed, Guidance Counselors should engage in upgrading their profession through special trainings to develop prevention and intervention programs and take part in conducting in-depth research to further understand the challenging and tough human behavior.

Everybody deserves a peaceful life – but there are people who are silent to their pains screaming inside of them. So, everyone – let us all be reflective and be advocates of these hurting people. For guidance counselors, continue to use the wisdom of finding more ways to better help people to adapt and cope up with their diversities in life.

Be active – join the international forum about “Multidisciplinary Development and the Guidance Counselor in the World of Change."

Get involved and see the change you can bring healing the world!


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