‘Hacker’ hacked in Toledo City

FIVE people were wounded when a man, who was allegedly suffering from mental illness, attacked residents in the mountain barangay of Gen. Climaco, Toledo City last Thursday.

But the assailant, 30-year-old Felipe Catubis, got killed after he was beaten to death with a hoe by one of the victims during his last attack, police said.

Supt. Ricky Delelis, head of the Toledo City Police Station, said that Catubis' family noticed last Wednesday night that his behavior has changed.

"Magyawyaw na kuno. Magsige ug pangadyi (They said he was always mumbling and praying)," he told Sun.Star Cebu.

Delelis said that Catubis also possessed an amulet.

Catubis was previously arrested for a frustrated murder charge and was detained in the Toledo City Jail until his case was settled.

Last Thursday at 1 a.m., Catubis reportedly went berserk.

Catubis first went to the house of his relative, Mary Cris Macalapay, 22, in Sitio Artiwi, some 20 kilometers away from the town proper.

Armed with a .38 revolver, Catubis allegedly shot Mari Cris on the back and hacked her with a bolo on the elbow and right hand.

Catubis also allegedly hacked Mary Cris' mother Merlina, 42, on the forehead, right hand and left shoulder while Mary Cris' sister Marlene, 19, was hit on the left face and forehead.


Catubis proceeded to the house of another relative, Marcelo Capacite, 45, where he allegedly hacked the victim's right hand.

The victims were brought to the Toledo City General Hospital and were transferred to a hospital in Cebu City for further treatment.

Delelis, in a phone interview, said they conducted a follow-up operation to arrest Catubis, but the suspect hid.

After looking for several hours, they went back to the police station at 4 p.m.

Based on police investigation, at 6 p.m., Catubis went to the house of his neighbor, Angie Suico, 31, and asked for a glass of water.

After quenching his thirst, Catubis pulled out his gun, but it jammed when he attempted to shoot Suico.

This gave Suico time to hack the suspect with a bolo.

Despite being injured, Catubis pulled out his own bolo, which Suico attempted to seize.

While they wrestled for the bolo, Catubis pulled out a hatchet and stabbed Suico on the right knee.

Sensing that his life was in danger, Suico hurriedly went out and took a hoe, where he struck Catubis several times.

The suspect died on the spot.

Suico, his live-in partner, and children immediately went to the barangay hall to report the incident.

The police chief, during the interview, said that Catubis may have harmed more people if he was not killed by Suico.

According to Catubis' family, the suspect was already treated for his mental illness but recently showed signs of relapsing.

Delelis said they are waiting if Catubis' family will file a complaint against Suico, who killed Catubis in self-defense.


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