Ideal days for specific chores

TIME is more precious than gold, so the golden adage goes. We need to make every minute count because we cannot turn back time.

We create opportunities when we become conscious of how we spend each moment. Organizing our schedule is one way of giving ourselves an extra hour to be able to do what we really want, to have quality rest and recreation, and to be with our loved ones.

If you're like me who love to curl up with a good book but are torn by multiple responsibilities, I think you'd appreciate some effective shortcuts to our weekly duties by knowing "what day is best to do what."

MONDAYS -- I got this very useful tip from a friend and a fellow mom, Jill, who advised that we do our household chores, paperwork, filing, and scheduling for the week on Mondays (until Tuesdays if necessary).

This is the perfect time to stay at home after a weekend of bonding with our families and devote that alone-at-last moment for making our weekly menu and lists of things to do.

(I would like to add that Mondays are usually not the time to follow up on business calls especially if the purpose is to pressure someone into committing a deal. People are predisposed to "Monday blues" no matter how cheerful their temperaments may be. After a weekend, we are all up to our necks with things to do for our own businesses that we wouldn't really be as gracious as when we follow up on something in the middle of the week.)

TUESDAYS -- They say that this is the most productive day of the week, when the Monday dust has settled down and we can at least see some spark of light in our swamped schedules.

However, there are still many things to do and people are still preoccupied with accomplishing their set tasks before the day ends.

WEDNESDAYS -- This is called the "hump" day because it's the day when people become more positive for having survived the pressures of Mondays and Tuesdays.

People begin to schedule new events and tasks and this is where follow up calls may be made and appointments set. Wednesday is also a nice day to have a short date with your loved ones as a sort of mid-week bonding.

THURSDAYS -- This is the day when you can actually see some people relaxing a little bit after having done much in the past days and still not that pressured by the Friday deadlines. This is the perfect day to visit clients as the possibility of them being able to meet with you is big.

FRIDAYS -- Two things can happen on this day, either we are so gleeful we're shouting "TGIF!" or we are in a panic mode exclaiming, "Oh my God, it's Friday and I haven't turned in a single thing yet!"

Some big business deals are successfully closed not in the office but over Friday night cocktails or dinner where the relaxed mood can help an otherwise stiff setting. But if there are some things needed to be mulled over, don't expect any rushed decisions as people are in a hurry to enjoy their weekend and would find reasons to put off major decisions until the next week.

As much as possible, avoid going to the banks on Mondays and Fridays as well as during the 15th and 30th of the month. The long queue will take up so much of your time. As for groceries, do them either in the early opening hours or after lunch on weekdays.

SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS -- These are the days when we assess what has been accomplished for the week and possibly schedule in advance what are the things to be done in the following week.

We can also make use of this time to catch up on some readings, or have some quality time with our families and friends. Other activities include further studies or advancing your advocacies and charity works.

These days may also be an opportunity to connect more with God as we express our gratitude for the past week and ask for blessing in the upcoming one.

Being able to work around the system is our gift to ourselves -- whatever extra precious time we can get we can devote to the things that really matter most.


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