Indians invade city's med school

THERE are a number of good reasons why Indians are dominating Davao City nowadays. You could see them at the malls, schools, streets, jeepneys, restos-they seemed to be omnipresent. But did you ever wonder why?

In an interview, three Indian students bared reasons why they chose Davao City, particularly the Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF). While at the surface level, you could say that they're here solely for education but once you conversed with them you will find out that there's more to it than what meets the eye.

Ajay Vellaisamy, an Indian medical student of the DMSF, said in an interview that around 5,000 Indian medical students who are now enjoying many privileges owe it all to a billionaire in India named Dr. David Pillai.

According to Vellaisamy, who is in Davao City to study medicine with his brother Ajit Vellaisamy, there wouldn't be any Indian medical student in the city without Dr. David Pillai.

Pillai is the chief executive officer of Transworld Education Academy Pvt. Ltd and he is also the principal education associate of DMSF for student-applicants in India and the neighboring countries who wish to study medicine.

Pillai had travelled all over the world to find the best place that is suitable and conducive for Indians who would be studying medicine and the city was picked for a no nonsense reason.

The first reason would be the medium of instruction. Our country is known to be the third largest English speaking country in the world and that only makes the Philippines an ideal place to live since communication is easy her.

Vellaisamy also said that the health conditions of the patients in the country and the medical concerns match that of India's. Being a tropical country, it would also be easier for the Indians to adapt to the environment.

"Philippines boasts a tropical climate...Indians adapt well and quick and feel more at home and ease," Ajay Vellaisamy said.

Filipino's hospitality is also a big asset as Vellaisamy cited that Filipinos are great hosts and that they are "friendly and understanding."

Another reason they cited is that education here in the country is affordable and getting a visa to study here is also easy.

But the greatest asset that is one of the reasons why Indians grabbed the opportunity to study here in Davao City is that it is known to be among the safest cities in the world.

With Pillai's help, Indian students enjoy free medical education. According to Vellaisamy, Pillai provide everything to them such as dormitories and including their basic needs.

There are currently five dormitories that serve as a home to Indian medical students. Other things that they are enjoying include a kitchen that supplies Indian food to the dormitories and even to thise Indian students who are living outside the dorms. To avoid having to spend for their transportation as they go to school, a shuttle is also there to fetch them and send them to the school.

Why DMSF then?

The DMSF being in the Philippines, particularly in Davao City makes it a promising for Indian medical students as the school, like most schools here in the country, adapts the american educational system which, according to Vellaisamy, is globally recognized. In India, they had the british educational system, he shared. This only means more opportunities for them as future medical practitioners.

"A team of leading doctors handle the course with adeptness and proficiency," Vellaisamy also cited. The school also boasts to be among the schools with the finest medical libraries in the country.

These are just actually a summary to the whole story why there are a lot of Indian medical students here in Davao City. So the next time you end up wondering, you can at least name the main reasons and the stories why they are here and these are something that Dabawenyos can always be proud of.


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