Lake Sebu, Part Two

IT WAS past twelve when we got to the resort at the shores of Lake Sebu.

We were all famished but luckily, our hosts had the good sense of ordering ahead. We did not have to wait for long for the food. We had tilapia cooked in several ways. We also had salad and hito. The original plan was to have lunch in a boat that would take us around the lake but there were a lot of people as it was a Sunday. We settled for a cottage. We had a delicious lunch and the conversation was a lot of fun. There were really a lot of people and the atmosphere was that of a picnic.

After lunch, we lazed around and then we were told that we could now take a cruise around Lake Sebu. We took a smaller boat but it was our own and that was that. We had a tour guide who was a young pretty T’boli college student. She did part time work on weekends. We liked her because she smiled and knew a lot of things about the lake and its surroundings. She talked about the lifespan of the tilapia, some buildings, a couple of islands and their inhabitants plus many trivial things. She made an impression that right then and there she was offered a job by our host.

It also helped that she was in regal T’boli attire. The cruise lasted about thirty minutes and it was a welcome break from all the noise. A gentle cool breeze was caressing and the soft lapping of waters made me drowsy.

After the tour, we settled for a while and just talked. Then it was time to go home. I was sleepy and the cozy bed in the cool quiet room of our hotel seemed inviting. (The FB Hotel in Marbel has been our home for over a year and it really is a wonderful hotel with good facilities and warm people.)

The drive back was pleasant because of the scenery. I like the Allah Valley and its quaint quiet charm. There are places that you have an instant connection to and I cannot explain it but it felt right, the place was right.

Our hosts told us that next time we could visit the waterfalls. That, I am looking forward to. They also said we could try the zipline. That I have to think about. They also told us that we could visit the T’boli village in Surallah. That is something. They also said that we could visit Lake Holon but in order to get there you had to take a four-hour hike. Hmmmm. But they say the sunrise there is breathtaking. We will see if our feet and heart and blood pressure can withstand the walk.

There really are a lot of interesting places to visit and discover. Mindanao is such a diverse and wide land blessed with so much beauty and splendor. Too bad we only get to see just a few places. But there will come a time when God willing, all these places will be reminders of the magnificence of our country. Till then.


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