Legaspi: Philippine politics: A Pneumonia

I GOT this from my daughter. She told me a great joke. I have to fix it a bit so that it may not sound so political. When she told me this, she used political figures. So allow me to use the Philippine presidentiables, instead. Once the four politicians and a student were found on a crashing plane. Each grabbed their own parachute bags, however, there were only four.

So, Mar Roxas got the first and jumped for he has a lot of campaigning to do. VP Binay jumped off the plane next for he has still a lot of things to do to pull up the figures in the survey. Grace Poe grabbed the third and jumped off, for she felt the people needed her. So this leaves the gentleman from the south with the student. He said that he will give his chute to the student for the student is the bright future of the country. The student told him, no worry, we still have the four chute bags with us. What the other three brought with them were their bags of election paraphernalia. We still have two other extra for the pilot and the co-pilot. The four survived and the other three lost. The lesson of this story is that we have to be persons for others and not only for ourselves.

Election fever is already at hand and will be with us until it becomes a pneumonia. We are all infected by this, no matter how we deny it. There are antidotes and medicines to cure this but Filipinos opt to get infected. This is the reason why for centuries, politics has become a very lucrative business. Once one is bitten by the bug, he continues to nurture the virus and even spread it all throughout his family to the youngest generation. However, there are those who immediately get rid of the virus by reason of the people’s medicine or because of a blatant incompetency in handling public office.

The media plays a great role in this epidemic. They either propagate the virus or kill the virus. The Philippine media is now culturing and nurturing the virus for it could be a very fertile source of income. It saddens me to hear and see how a lot of our respected mediamen fall into the pit of these viruses. Many have given up their balanced reporting and fearless commentaries in exchange of a principle that would lead to their downfall. It would be good, if the one that they support will be winners but what would become of them when their bacteria losses? For sure, the next term would be sourgraping for them.

I was taught in the past that the media should always be in the neutral ground and for ethical purposes should never let his preferences be heard. He should educate, entertain, and expose everything under the truth. He must be knowledgeable of both sides of the issue. And above all, he should be a person of justice, integrity, and dignity. Do we still have these practitioners today? Do they still exist?

The answer is yes, an astounding yes!

The Mass Communication Department of UNO-R tries to train future media practitioners to be bearers of truth and evangelizers of the people. They are not only bombarded with proper media principles but are taught of what is ethical and moral. They are trained to be media managers with hearts and minds as envisioned by St. Augustine. These are new breed of practitioners who are equipped with the truth and service in their hearts. I am confident that these are future practitioners who will never be blinded by money or honors offered by politicians and the dirty system of politics in the Philippines.

As the election fever or pneumonia would enter the Philippine area of responsibility, we have to brace ourselves and arm our minds with rational analysis for we might be swayed of what we read on newspapers and what we hear from TV and radio. We must be very critical of the things presented to us by others and not by the personalities themselves.

I reiterate my stand that I will and will never endorse anyone for the presidency or for any other government position unless they let me see their platform and their intention to serve the people. I already am endorsing one who I feel and have seen to have placed the people over self. I am 100 percent in support for the call for Rep. Neri Colmenares to run for the Philippine Senate.


St. Ezekiel Moreno; Sts. Lorenzo Ruiz and Pedro Calungsod; St. John Paul II; Mons. John Liu and John Su; Fr. Cornelio Moral,OAR ; Manoy Bill; and Sir Faraon Lopez, pray for us.


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