Libre: Lord’s protection

YOU could have died,” the tire supplier told my wife, Debbie, as she went back to his shop on 20 May 2013 to report about the flat tire that we had in the South Motorway of Auckland.

On Pentecost Sunday (19 May), my wife, who was driving, and I (with two other passengers) tried to catch up with the christening of my first granddaughter Emjey Sophiea, so we took the fast lane (100 kph) of the motorway. Little did we know that we were running with a deflated front tire (we had the same tire filled with air at a petrol station earlier).

My wife noticed the unusual movement of the car half-way towards our des­tination. I was half-asleep when she called my attention. I instructed her to slow down and put on a signal for our vehicle to move towards the side of the road.

Through speeding vehicles, we safely crossed towards a rare open space along the motorway. We were able to obtain timely aid to change the tire, just prior to a heavy downpour.

The tire supplier continued, “The tire is totally damaged; and this could have exploded if you continued running at a high speed in the motorway. You should never do this again.”

Debbie related to me her conversation with the tire supplier. The more I thought about the incident, the more I came to realize the danger that we placed ourselves at that moment.

Vehicular accidents have become staple news of media usually during weekends. I told her that we should be thankful to God for guarding us against harm; for giving a chance to live another day; and for us making it to the baptismal party of our granddaughter.

Psalm 32:7 says: “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”

Truly, the Lord protected us from a possible fatal accident, as earlier on, we sung gleefully on the descent of the Holy Spirit during the mass at Our Lady of Lourdes-Glen Eden, and I did sing during the short program after the baptism, a lullaby, a song of hope, Don McLean’s “Wonderful Baby” to little Miss Emjey.

Incidentally, on Pentecost Sunday, our growing music ministry, TawagAwit, marked its 6th anniversary. To date, we have six active chapters throughout New Zealand. The Lord must be pleased with our ministry, for He has allowed us to live a little bit longer.

Thank you, dear God, for life.


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