Limpag: Cesafi, SWU must punish brains behind tampering

TO say that Southwestern University is having trouble with its basketball teams would be the biggest understatement of Cesafi’s 15-year history.

The Cobras, the defending champion in college, will be playing with nine players only because some of the athletes who are on scholarship forgot they are students too.

Bad as it is, that’s not the worst for the Cobras this year.

Weeks after the snafu in the college division, SWU athletic director Ryan Aznar got the mother of all headaches when it was discovered that nine of their players in high school had tampered records.

Nine! Having one may be taken as an accident, or even two, but to have nine tampered records means a deliberate attempt to cheat. And with the school under new management, cheating is something the new owners sure won’t want to be associated with.

The only silver lining in this whole thing is that it was discovered before the start of the season and SWU won’t be humiliated of having its high school team banned after playing one game.

How bad was the tampering? Well, one had a record indicating he was born in 1990, but made it appear he was born in 1999. Sanamagan, that’s a 25-year-old in the high school division!

Who is ever behind this should be meted the severest of all penalty. Age-cheating is a rare thing in Cesafi, considering how small the basketball community is and the players have faced each other since they were kids. And to make sure it doesn’t happen again, Cesafi and SWU should team up to make a perfect example why no one should even think about age cheating by sanctioning the official or officials involved.

A life time ban? No, I don’t think that would even be harsh enough. That doesn’t send the perfect message to coaches who entertain such thoughts. What’s the perfect punishment? Well, isn’t an NSO a public certificate? And isn’t tampering with one a crime?

Harsh? Well, what’s more harsh? Having that or having a 15-year-old talented junior in the high school team get injured because he banged into a 25-year-old masquerading as a high schooler?

Cesafi and SWU should show that there is no room for cheats in Cesafi and they can start by punishing the brains behind this.

One thing for sure, the kids didn’t tamper their records on their own will. Someone ordered them.



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