LIVE! Facing Fear

FEAR defines as to be afraid of something or someone with an unpleasant feeling. It develops at many causes and sometimes at the actions of the people when they feel that they are in danger. Mostly it has two results: it’s either to fight or the flight response.

As I observed and conducted my own study, in the real world, fear is always present everywhere we go. It is divided with the following sections phobias, death, trauma, security, sickness and spiritual.

Phobias - an exaggerated fear of a particular object or situation. Sometimes it develops through previous shocking or disgusting experience and or it suddenly develops in our minds. Best example of this is fear in height. For me the best treatment of phobia is slowly engage the person to the object they are afraid and explain that it can’t harm them with our support. Unless if you jump the building without harness.

Death –I think it’s the last stage of our existence here in our world and we don’t actually know what is waiting after. It’s associated with fear of own death or death of others. All of us will come to an end without bringing things what we have earned and what we accomplished, but good deeds and ethical principles through the people we have shared with will always be remembered.

Trauma – Very unpleasant experience that cause someone to have mental or emotional problems. Who among us can’t forget a very tragic experience, that always comeback in our minds every time we see or experience a similar event? But we need to move on and turn the experience in to a positive outlook. Just get up and stand wide, our world provides lots of opportunities ahead rather than going back to a bad experience. All of us experience the ups and down of life.

Security – Being protected or safe from harm. All of us want to be secure at all times, in work, financial and family. But in the real world there’s a minimal chance of complete security, there is always a risk. At least to maintain security, let’s always think for our future needs and emergency needs, save and invest. In our actions, think ahead for a remedy if possible problem will occur.

Sickness – It’s the unhealthy condition of body or mind. When we are still young we consider our body as an immortal physical self, but it’s a different thing when we get old. At an early age don’t forget to practice healthy living; still prevention is better than cure.

Spiritual – Religion or religious beliefs. We tend sometimes to develop fear in our actions, especially if it’s not practice in the religion we engaged. Also if we will not follow the religious beliefs that are practice in our organization for a long period of time. Still it’s up to us if we follow the guidelines in a religion as long we accept God in our lives. For me good deeds are still a powerful tool and will result to positive outcome.

Fear results a big impact in our lives for not accomplishing things we should accomplish. We can overcome fear by facing it with a positive mindset and fixed goals. Fear is always present as a reminder that good and bad things pass through our life.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of FEAR.”

“Never let your fear decide your future."

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