Lizares: On investment and financial planning

BPI FAMILY Savings Bank (BFSB) recently brought its Financial Enrichment Series to Bacolod attended by 93 of its clients. BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands), which celebrated its 164th anniversary last Aug. 1, is an advocate of financial literacy.

The Financial Enrichment Series is held in different cities around the country to educate its clients and prospective clients on the importance of saving and investing. The Bacolod run was held in Avenue Suites.

Ms. Delia Aninao, relationship manager of BFSB in Bacolod, was the event’s host. She opened the event by sharing her thoughts and experiences about investing.

Ms. Rochelle Santiago, business manager of BFSB Bacolod-Gatuslao branch, welcomed the guests. She stressed how important it is for BPI to ensure that their clients are aware of basic financial concepts and the financial products that are available to them in order to meet their financial goals.

The main speaker for the event was senior manager Mark Capanzana, an investment counselor for BPI handling Visayas and Mindanao. The title of his presentation was “A Present for My Future: An Investment Conversation with BPI Asset Management.”

As the title suggests, the presentation was very engaging with Mr. Capanzana encouraging a dialogue with the audience. He enlightened the audience with the reality of Filipino’s investing behavior by providing the following statistics: 8 of 10 Filipinos see a bleak retirement, about half of all Filipinos expect to be supported by their children, only 1 out of 10 Filipinos are saving for their retirement, and only 1 per cent of Filipinos will be wealthy by age 60. One by one he addressed each concern and challenged the audience that it is still possible to change those statistics.

Mr. Capanzana then handheld the clients by providing a step-by-step guide to achieving one’s financial goals. He emphasized the importance of setting a goal and providing a time frame in achieving that goal. He challenged the typical Filipino mindset of spending their income and leaving nothing for savings or investing.

Mr. Capanzana did this by providing a tried-and-tested formula in financial planning and giving an example illustrating the challenges of a typical Filipino household.

A concern for most Filipinos is the risks involved in investing and Mr. Capanzana addressed this concern by discussing how BPI manages these risks. He identified the four different investment personalities or risk profiles: conservative, moderately conservative, moderately aggressive and aggressive.

Each client will fall under any one of these profiles. Only after identifying a client’s risk profile will BPI recommend an investment solution by matching the client’s risk profile with the appropriate investment product/s. He introduced the different types of investment funds: money market funds, bond funds, equity funds and balanced funds.

The audience was pleased to know that BPI funds have performed well in the past. Mr. Capanzana shared the top five performing equity unit investment trust funds (UITF) in the industry, three of which are BPI Funds: BPI Philippine High Dividend Equity Fund (1st), BPI Equity Value Fund (2nd) and BPI Odyssey Tax-Exempt Philippine Equity Fund (5th).

Ms. Ma. Theresa Kimpo, business manager of BFSB Bacolod-Lacson branch, was overjoyed with the outcome of the activity. Aside from the large number of attendees, she said that a lot of attendees gave positive feedback on the event with a number of clients requesting for similar activities in the future from BPI.


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