Luczon: Human infestation

WHEN I was in grade school, I always thought of an alternative species other than being human, but my friends would find rebuttals just to contradict my wishful thinking.

“I wish I’m a bird, so I can fly… and there’s no school,” I would say. “But people will shoot you or put you in a cage,” my friends would then react. “How about an ant? Or a bug?” I would immediately appeal. “You’ll be dead once people stomp or squish over your small body,” and my friends would eventually laugh off the idea.

People. Humans. We seem to be the center of the universe and on top of the food chain. But I thought our species was a bore – we go to school, we go find jobs – there seems to be no life and happiness just to watch the sunset in a grassy hill with a fresh air.

I sometimes wonder why the human species, the Homo sapiens, dominated earth after nature (or say, God) made a little enhancement on our brains when we are most vulnerable in the natural laws of the world.

We may have the ability to change our body temperatures to adapt the earth’s heat and cold, but we still hunt for animals or weave fibers just to give us clothing, unlike other species that already have the capability on its own to survive with minor usage of other natural resources.

We don’t have a perfect social system because we tend to violate those systems in pursuit of our beliefs and principles. Unlike the ants and bees and other colonial species, and even our other primate counterparts, which were governed by natural instincts and they follow their specific roles in the ecosystem.

At least some snakes, which became a human symbol for betrayal and treachery, have venoms to kill, but they kill out of self defense and the urge to feed them in order to survive, not killing other living things because of anger, greed, and envy like humans do.

Humans. That is why some fiction writers and story tellers would create fictional characters and societies that supersede the human imperfections, looking at us humans as inferior, erratic and a species whose future are doomed. Even the Holy Scriptures predicted our species will soon be doomed and damned, it’s just a matter of time, it’s just a matter of today.

Scientists and researchers already said it: humans are the reason why the world is fast changing its climate due to the “improvements” we made in just a couple of centuries. And now we fear for the worse things to come – when the polar ice caps melt and there will be an increase of sea levels and temperature – which eventually will affect the weather and seasons.

Can we still do about it? Not until we got satisfied with our illusions on politics, on hypocrisy and show business.

u201cI wish I’m a fish, so I can breathe on water and discover the depths of the ocean,” I said once when I was a grade school pupil.

u201cBut you will get caught by people and eat you. Or else, there are other bigger fishes that eat you,” my friends would then again defy my wild imagination.

Oh, the dilemmas of being a human, indeed.


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