Mongaya: To honor Cebu heroes on Nov. 30

WHO were Cebu’s heroes during the Marcos dictatorship? We will honor them at Plaza Independencia on Nov. 30. Dungan kang Andres Bonifacio.

While asserting Marcos is not a hero, the resurgent anti-dictatorship movement in Cebu has decided to build a monument hailing our heroes. Among those I can cite are Fr. Rudy Romano, Levi Ybañez, Inday Nita Cortes-Daluz, and Dodong Holganza.

We know the Marcos military abducted justice and peace advocates Fr. Rudy and Levi on July 11, 1986. Inday Nita and Dodong were instrumental in the popular freedom marches that made Cebu the center of anti-dictatorship protests long before the national upsurge in 1983. On Dec. 24, 1983, Dodong along with his eldest son Joeyboy, Mon Alberca and friends were raided during a Christmas party and became political prisoners in the next two years. Inday Nita and Fr. Romano went on to lead the parliament in the streets in Cebu.

More names will be inscribed on the monument soon just like the Bantayog ng mga Bayani in Edsa. A committee composed of prominent anti-Marcos personalities will screen the names.

On Nov. 30, a ground-breaking ceremony will happen at 10-11 in the morning after we honor Andres Bonifacio at Plaza Independencia.


Come to think of it, we have not properly buried the body of Andres Bonifacio. But history has honored him as among our greatest heroes. Our monument of anti-Marcos heroes will be built near the Bonifacio monument and the Martial Law Marker at Plaza Independencia.

Contrast this to the dictator, soldier with fake medals, the country’s most notorious thief, and president kicked out from office by the Filipino people. Some 28 years after he died in exile a disgraced soldier and president, history still loathes him. Thus, the sneaky burial.

President Duterte should reflect on the behaviour of the Marcoses and their loyalists. It seems they are not moving on. Niingon na gani si Digong nga pasagdan ang mga protesta.

Are you wondering why the Marcoses and loyalists instead urge protesters to forget the past and move on? Because the protests have made it impossible to extol the fake hero as genuine. Worse, the resurgent movement will doom Bongbong’s return to Malacañang.

Besides, Spain is now showing us the way on how to handle fake heroes. Thanks for the FB post, Ruben Carranza.

Two generals who supported the dictator Francisco Franco during his 1936 coup are about to be exhumed.

The Marcoses should be alarmed. New generations of anti-Marcos activists go out in the streets by the thousands. New generations of loyalists are online trolls and dummy accounts.


Loyalist talk points have become worse than stupid. Imagine branding the Black Friday protest led by the militant Left as yellow? But what made my day was this exchange in Facebook.

Loyalist: “Hoy wapa mo matawo sa pagka Presidente ni Marcos.”

Anti-Marcos millennial: “Maka celebrate gani kag Pasko te na taw na ba diay ka?”


While commentators in various international news outlets debated the legacy of Fidel Castro, who died at 90 last Saturday, our country’s top health official hailed Cuba’s health system here in Cebu.

Health Secretary Dr. Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial said Cuba’s excellent health system boasts of one doctor per 1,000 Cubans. Fidel’s country produces some 2,000 doctors a year with a population of only 11 million.

The Philippines also has 2,000 new doctors a year. However, they will serve some 110 million Filipinos. Daghan pa gyud ang mo-abroad.

Secretary Ubial graced the 10th anniversary of the 1st Catheterization Lab and the inauguration of the 2nd CathLab and the Neurosurgical Ward at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC).

This development elevates VSMMC as the premier cardiovascular center in the region. Congrats to VSMMC Chief Dr. Gerry Aquino for a job well done, sir.


Why can’t Team Rama barangay officials allow the smooth implementation of the health program of Mayor Tomas Osmeña that involves the distribution of maintenance medicines? Mana man gud inyong panahon.

On second thought, they can always survive without the mayor’s support. Years ago, Lahug under then barangay captain Mary Ann de los Santos showed that this can be done. But then, when she became a councilor, she joined Osmeña’s political camp and now calls the shots when it comes to the Cebu City Medical Center.

Still, I think with his strong connection with a powerful presidential assistant, Apas Chief Ramil Ayuman can survive.

(@anol_cebu in Twitter)


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