My top videos of the week

GOOD day everyone, how’s your week doing?

Anyway, I dug through Youtube and found these wonderful and awesome videos to put a smile on your face:

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Trailer

The official trailer of the upcoming sequel of Star Wars is so cool! It got me all excited. We see Kylo Ren and his cool and deadly squad; Han Solo and Leia sharing a moment; then there’s that clip of Kylo Ren and Finn about to start a lightsaber duel! The trailer looks awesome and hopefully the movie too. To date it has been viewed over 7.8 million times.

2. Imagine the Possibilities

This is one is really cute ad from Barbie. The short video captures the reaction of adults when they see little girls acting their dream job. There is a teacher, a coach, and a veterinarian. What I like about the video is it encourages little girls to think outside of the box and aim for their dream job. To date, the video has garnered over 6.4 million views.

3. 4 Gaga by Todrick Hall

Fans of Lady Gaga will surely enjoy this mashup video of her songs from YouTuber Todrick Hall in collaboration with Braden Summers. It is visually beautiful and the video well edited. To date the video has garnered more than 840,000 views. For more amazing videos from him, subscribe to his channel. (

4. 360° cockpit view | SWISS Airbus A320 | Zurich – Geneva

Whenever you are on the plane, do you ever wonder what happens at the cockpit? This interactive video allows you to see and somehow experience what it is like to pilot an Airbus 320. I have to say, there are a lot of buttons and switches in cockpit and we can clearly see that the job of the pilots are not easy. To date the video has over 570,000 views.

5. Lea Salonga and Brad Kane perform 'A Whole New World' on Good Morning America

I think this is one good #ThrowbackTuesday video for us 90s kids. The title of the video itself does not need any more explanation on how amazing it is. It has Lea Salonga, Brad Kane, and THE Alan Menken in it! To date it has over 1.7 million likes.


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