Nalzaro: Having no delicadeza

NOW that the multi-billion modernization program of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) has been awarded to GMR-Megawide consortium, will other interest groups, including “thick-faced” politicians, pursue their agenda to scuttle the project in favor of a losing bidder?

Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) officials and the MCIA Board have confirmed that the P17.5-billion airport upgrading has been awarded to GMR-Megawide. Megawide is a local real estate developer, while GMR is an India-based corporation, which developed and operated various key airports in India.

Will the Filinvest-Changi consortium, which offered the second highest bid, and its patrons like citizen Tomas Osmeña and elder brother, Sen. Serge Osmeña, pursue their “poisonous minds” to reverse DOTC’s decision? It is because of greed these personalities are moving heaven and earth so the project will be awarded to Filinvest-Changi. They are using the argument that they are doing this for their love of Cebu and they don’t want the Cebuanos to be shortchanged because GMR-Megawide has no track record to speak of on airport development and has no financial capabilities to undertake the multi-billion project.

The Osmeñas are also using the argument that there is a conflict of interest because there is a high-ranking official of GMR who is also a member of the board of another company, which participated in the bidding. But the DOTC bids and awards committee did not give weight to any of these.

If there is a conflict of interest it’s the Osmeñas and Filinvest because they are related to the Gotianuns, owners of Filinvest.

What Serge and Tomas are doing is sort of “garapalan.” They are using their influence and political connections so the project would be awarded to their favored company.

Where is their sense of “delicadeza” if they have that? They are using Serge’s position in government for their personal and political agenda. Does it have anything to do with money? Sus, og mangamatay mo kanang kuwarta dili ninyo madala sa langit.

With all the problems confronting the country that should be given attention, the senator conducted a Senate inquiry to look into the issue. What for? In aid of legislation? What possible legislation can they make out of it when the all legal processes in conducting the bidding were followed?

Not content, Serge went to the Supreme Court asking for the issuance of a temporary restraining order to stop the awarding of the project. Is that a work of a senator?

The work of a senator is to craft laws and not be an influence peddler. It’s crystal clear that the Osmeñas have a personal agenda and they cannot just accept that their favored company lost in this project. Do we need to elect these kinds of people in the next election? We will watch their next steps.

By the way, did Serge’s attack against President Noynoy Aquino have something to do with this issue?

While Serge described P-Noy as an honest person, he said the chief executive is “not a good manager.” Maybe Serge already smelled that the airport project would be awarded to GMR-Megawide that was why he preempted the move by attacking P-Noy. The other reason could be that he approached P-Noy to award the project to Filinvest-Changi but the chief executive rejected his request. Sourgraping.

Is Serge breaking political ties with the President? If that is the case then he should resign from the Liberal Party (LP) and so should Tomas. What is the use of staying with the party when you no longer believe the party leader? Tomas should not be the LP standard bearer for the mayoralty post in the 2016 elections. Kana og makaabot pa siya. Naayo na man daw siya sa iyang cancer. Iya man gani nang gipa-advertise og maayo.



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