Pacete: President Duterte: I am really a dictator

PRESIDENT Digong admitted to imposing a “dictatorial” style of governance for the country’s development when he spoke before former communist rebels. He prefers to act like a “dictator” to be able to sustain the country’s program.

Many believe that it was just one of his Freudian slips (slip of the tongue) considering that the president has a “gift of tongue.” Let’s find out what is the explanation of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque Jr. Roque may agree, disagree, come up with a “potable explanation” or may confirm that President Digong was just exercising his “sense of humor.”

The President admitted that his “like-a-dictator-style” will make things happen in this country. Roque has to expand that or deflate, as the case maybe. Those with negative reaction fear that the President might use federalism to support his intention of becoming a dictator. That could just be another academic allegation.

The extension of martial law in Mindanao and the affirmation of the New People's Army as terrorists and the possible declaration of martial law in Luzon and Visayas may possibly be the springboards for many “no-els” scenarios. Digong’s popularity may make him another Marcos. This “joke” could be made complicated by the participation of the International Criminal Court and the orchestration of Senator Antonio Trillanes.

Let us visualize the possible dictatorship of President Digong. It could go in several ways. He would be an authoritarian ruler who could be compared to a despot, tyrant. He could behave like Adolf Hitler… a fuhrer, autocrat or autarch. He could desire to elevate himself with a rank of a “4-star” general in the military and be a military leader like a “candillo” in Spanish-speaking countries.

He could be a “benevolent despot” by becoming a dictator who is moderate, enlightened, and well-disposed towards his subjects. That could be the kind of dictator that the Filipinos would want now. With all the powers in his hands, he could be a “martinet,” a dictatorial person, specifically an authoritarian and uncompromising military disciplinarian.

In his dictatorial system, he could aim at total control. That could be “totalitarianism” or “absolutism." He could also form a “junta” wherein there will be a group of military officers ruling the Philippines in a dictatorial way. He could be held by the neck by the generals or he could be made a subordinate dictator by the “First World Power.” Then he simply becomes a “satrap.”

This could be our vision if President Digong allows himself to be a dictator. He could decide what would become of him or the circumstances will decide for him. We do not want to have further speculations. If he becomes a dictator, the Filipinos will react… churches, workers, elites, politicians, military, insurgents, super powers, and God.

Let us work hard, pray hard, diligently perform our duties as citizens and wait for an outcome. That could be our destiny. Something could be decreed in advance by providence. That could be foreordained. Someone up there could always intervene… after all, our fate is always ineluctable. It could just be another “Digong’s shaggy-dog story.”


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