Quijano: Clevelanovela time

THAT’S it. It’s officially Clevelanovela in the NBA this season.

No team in recent years has gone through so much drama, it’s beginning to have a life of its own.

EVENTS. First it was Kyrie Irving’s departure and his cryptic reasons for doing so.

Then came the replacements.. Dwayne Wade, Lebron James’ best friend. Derrick Rose, former league MVP. An injured Isaiah Thomas who was The Man in Boston.

All these guys had chips on their shoulders.

Then came the egregious implosion. The Cavs bickered and lost regularly to second-rate teams and hardly looked like the team that made the Finals last season.

Then came the trades with the Cavs almost revamping their entire roster.

For a while they looked good. Then of course they started losing again, making it appear that the role players they acquired wouldn’t be of much help at all.

As if that wasn’t enough, Kevin Love came out with a revelation that he had a panic attack in a game against the Hawks back in November. And while the team rallied behind him and supported him, this only served to underscore the fact that with this team, you should expect the unexpected. Then Love got injured and had to miss several weeks.

But of course, adding to the drama, early this month JR Smith just had to throw a bowl of soup at assistant coach Damon Jones, resulting in a one-game suspension.

You want more? Lebron and head Coach Tyrone Lue in a heated exchange during a game against the Portland Trailblazers.

Then finally, the announcement just two days later that Coach Lue was “stepping back” from coaching to address health issues that appear to be stress-related.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata sa Clevelanovela...

LAST ROUND. It’s on a good friend, Alfredo Serafica who recently passed away. “Freddieboy” was a former pro ball player whose love and passion for the game allowed him to reach out and touch people’s lives. Wherever you are my friend I know you are in a better place. It was an honor to have shared the court and played the game with you. I’ll always remember to bend those knees when shooting free throws. Rest in peace my favorite Crispa Redmanizer...


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