Seares: 3 senators and VIP detention

HOW three legislators facing charges of plunder before Sandiganbayan view the prospect of arrest and detention seems to be the fad these days.

Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada and Juan Ponce Enrile, senators of the land, are indicted for allegedly pocketing kickbacks from their pork barrel.

Revilla, who earlier reportedly considered a fugitive’s life, says he’s politically persecuted and leaves everything to God. On a trip to the Holy Land, Bong is due to return after Lent.

Jinggoy, in the US for medical treatment, decries “selective” justice, belittles the evidence, saying that loads of cash allegedly handed him by socialite bagwoman Ruby Tuason were just snack food.

And he says he won’t mind staying in a real jail.

It’s Enrile who’s not letting the public read his thoughts. He faced threat of death in 1986 when he, martial law enforcer and co-architect, deserted Marcos. In 1990, the Supreme Court quashed a charge of rebellion with murder against him. He presided in 2012 the Senate impeachment trial that ousted a chief justice. Now he’s accused of plunder, which is large-scale stealing and could land him to jail. And he appears as serenely inscrutable as can be.

Courses of action

What lies ahead for the three political biggies?

Bong might decide to become a fugitive ala Ping Lacson or fight “evil forces” ala Panday, the hero he played in movies. Jinggoy might seek the presidency after “martyrdom” and all, as his father did. Enrile, 90, might get VIP detention and write another book, something like What Went Wrong on My Way to a Glorious Exit.



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