Seares: Who ‘killed’ Mary Ann de los Santos?

IT'S all figurative of course but the language of violence highlighted her privileged speech before the Cebu City Council Monday, Aug. 17. Councilor Mary Ann de los Santos talked of having been "assassinated" and "massacred."

Pretty strong, dramatic stuff: "Assassination" involves striking suddenly and by surprise on a politically important and prominent person. "Massacre" is indiscriminate and merciless killing of a large number of people.

Besides the metaphorical gore, she said she was "bullied," "traumatized" and "nerve-wracked." Along with "(being) hurt, betrayal, abuse, abandonment and aloneness," she was also "alienated" and "deceived." She left out "molested" though.

Poor Mary Ann, a victim of all that, and her family and friends as well. You know the culprit, she said.

We don't know, as she generalized: conclusions with no specifics. She didn't name her tormentors, didn't explain why Team Rama that would need her support in 2016 should alienate her. Where's the plain good sense in waging "black propaganda" against a presumably strong leader and vote-getter?

Mary Ann didn't say, which caused what: her intransigence by not voting with her own party or her quiet rage after the building demolition and bidding fiasco.

We can only assume the culprit is Mayor Mike. But didn't she forgive him when they were photographed locked in a father-daughter/ brother-sister embrace, which one couldn't imagine BOPK's Tomas Osmeña could do?

No corpse

Mary Ann has projected herself as a victim but the public could sympathize with her only if she'd give more information about what really happened.

Besides, we see no blood, no corpse of a political career, Instead, there's politician Mary Ann striving to rise beyond the councilor's seat that several electoral battles have brought her.



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