#SelfCare 2018

THE previous year has been a whirlwind of quarter-life crisis and we got stuck somewhere leaving us stressed and depressed. Now that we're on a new chapter, let's leave all the bad thoughts behind and start thinking about all the good things we could make out of them. First agenda is to care for ourselves even more.

It might sound vain because of the variances that the word has been given in the social media but in this context, we define Self Care as the quality time you need to give yourself so you would improve in all aspects- focusing on where you lack at.

Invest on good friends

The people we surround ourselves with matter deeply as they become our support system whenever we feel down, which is inevitable. It’s not necessary that you choose those who you’ve known longer because sometimes the length of time you’ve known a person does not determine whether they would be around to stick with you during the bad times. You can start building a relationship with people who are in the same industry as you or who practice the same craft as you. They would understand the hassle you are going through because they are on the same path; the bright side is they would know how to handle situations that might come new to you because they’ve been there before.

Be at peace with your own company

Enjoy a cup of hot tea while you’re reading that John Maxwell that has been waiting for you on your shelf since you bought it. It feels better, of course, after doing the chores and relaxing on your couch to the tune of The Carpenters or Portugal the Man. Lit a few scented candles and you’re off to wonderland! Well, that’s how I define relaxation- we have our own definition of it and you need to discover yours so you too, can find your peace.

To give you an advice, maybe you can begin with social media detox. It was okay at first but when people start becoming intrigued about that innocent status you posted at midnight, then, next thing you know, they’ve been blabbering stuff you don’t even know about you. The key is to not mind them but that’s a heavy thing to actualize, while you can’t, the least you can do is do not make your personal matters available to public consumption- you have the power to silence them. Going off the radar once in a while is actually a stress-free habit. So instead of also getting caught in other people’s lives, you have the time to focus on your own. ?

Spend more time with family

If Barangay is the smallest political unit, family is the core unit. Everything you do is definitive of how your relationship with your family goes. For example, if you grew up with a business-minded family, then, most possibly you would also end up with the same wiring. You would prefer to save money for a long-term cause because you saw your parents or siblings do the same. Or if your family is the kind who aren’t too verbal with their emotions, then most likely you are also discreet with yours. There’s a ton of examples to lay but the point is our family is a reflection of who we are and they are the totality of our being.

Strengthening our bond with them is important- top of the priorities.

These are only three but we can begin with these easy yet life-changing decisions for ourselves. If you’re not accustomed to doing these, then, just begin with little steps until eventually it becomes your habit. And you would be very thankful you chose to invest with relationships this year.


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