Tan: Come and drink

“……If you are thirsty, come to me!” John 7:37b (NLT)

TO BE spiritually thirsty is a blessing we seldom count. It is because of this thirst that many are led to seek the living water. The Lord offers a spiritual thirst-quenching experience whenever the thirsty come to Him.

Thirst and the admission of thirst are two different things. Being thirsty is a natural occurrence for any human being, while admitting thirstiness is a choice which requires one’s surrender to a need of water. Our pride can be so sinister that it leads many to not admit their thirstiness and therefore end up not having found the refreshing offer of Jesus for their spiritual thirst.

Beside the condition of being spiritually thirsty, we have the cheap imitations of the world that claim to quench spiritual thirst. Genuine thirst always looks for pure water. While the beverages of the world offers its own unique sweet taste…they can never quench thirst the way that living water can.

It is not an issue about the scarcity of the water supply, nor is it about the reluctance of God to provide this much-needed water... the real issue is the individual’s absence of humility to admit one’s thirstiness and to come to Christ for a drink.

Who can convince anyone that he or she is spiritually thirsty? Here is a clear indication of our helplessness even in our being thirsty for God. God, who designed physical thirst, is also the only One who can stir up spiritual thirst. By the way, when Jesus called for the thirsty, he did not mean one segment of humanity alone. We, who belong to the evangelical faith, somehow label the thirsty ones as those who are outside our band.

I think Jesus meant what He said; ‘The invitation is given to anyone who will admit their thirst for God’. Surprisingly, a minister who gave good spiritual food during a Sunday service can be the one who does not benefit from the feast. If you are thirsty and if you are hungry, welcome to the abundant supply of water that runs like a river within you.

The journey of faith is long and the travel is slow... since when did you stop longing for God? Is there still spiritual hunger and thirst in you? The supply of water never stops flowing; the buffet of God’s grace never runs out of supply; these are regularly replenished. The truth remains that the direct beneficiaries from the offer of Christ for a cool refreshing drink of living water are the ones who admit they are thirsty.

Thank God for spiritual thirst. Thank God for those who actually come and drink! The demand is great and the supply never runs dry... but the proud ones do not come. The instruction is clear; there should be no further complications regarding compliance. As the year begins to unfold, let us ask God to reveal to us the true state of our beings... and in humility, seek that which truly satisfies. To the thirsty, come and drink!

Thank you for reading…I always write from my heart.


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