The laser tag experience

THE LASER TAG experience is finally here in Metro Cebu. So it took quite some time for a recreational facility as such to get here (the first one in the country reportedly opened in 2008 in Metro Manila). But does that really matter? People who get to play it for the first time are in for a fun treat, and folks who have probably played it somewhere else may want to give it a few rounds for old times’ sake.

Fast Fact

“Laser tag is a non-contact sport where players wear a vest and a hold a phaser, a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. The vests contain infrared-sensitive targets which are tagged using the phaser. A group can be divided into two or three teams. Each team is identified by a team color. Once a player tags an opposing player, he earns points which automatically reflects in the display sensor of their phaser. That’s how hi-tech lasertag is! Imagine playing Call of Duty or Counter Strike, except it comes to life. That’s what laser tag is; that’s how it feels like,” shared Liezl Mae Jao, one of the proprietors behind LaserBlitz.”

LaserBlitz, Cebu’s very first laser tag facility (and the first one in the Visayas), is located at the second floor of Parkmall. Although its main come-on is about shooting people with laser beams (which is very safe of course; no one gets disintegrated), the company desires to be known as some place more than just that.

“LaserBlitz is a family entertainment center which mainly features a laser tag arena—the first of its kind in the entire Visayas. For other forms of entertainment, we also have an air hockey table, a foosball/soccer table and multiple XBOX Kinect units which our laser tag customers can use for free,” explained proprietor Liezl Mae Jao, who with Bethlehem Holaysan Jr., made this business possible for Cebuanos to enjoy. To be specific, two laser tag arenas can be used to accommodate two playing groups of about 10 people each. Should a bigger group play, both arenas can be combined to make up a huge one. Besides the arenas, LaserBlitz also has a snack bar large enough for 60 people, a function room for 40 people and a VIP lounge.

“I felt like Cebu needed something new to do. I’ve lived in Cebu for a long time, and I noticed that this city is growing day by day, but it still lacks recreational activities. In the past months or years, I’ve noticed a lot of new restaurants or coffee shops sprouting one place to another, but not much on recreational activities. Personally, I felt like Cebu could use some new attractions,” shared Liezl.

The game is more fun if you come in as a group. But should you lack company (a predicament which Barney Stinson of the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother always finds himself in), you can always come in on your own and join another group.

What most people underestimate about playing laser tag is sweating. Although it looks like a game for children, kids and adults alike will be sweating profusely after a game (one round takes about 20 minutes).

Perfect for families and friends, LaserBlitz is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends. Last call for weekends is 9 p.m.


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