Three tell-tale signs you’re becoming a millennial Tita

TWO years after graduation surely made me feel I’m a whole lot different person than the carefree college student me.

Sitting with old friends on dinner dates and random gatherings often makes me realize how much we have matured and changed for the better. Sometimes we just shrug and laugh it off but most of the time, we’re also a bit worried that we’re transforming into Titas at such young age haha and we're doubting if it’s still a good thing or not.

Here’s three of the common changes we’ve noticed among ourselves, hit us up if you relate to these!

1. You start computing your 13th Month Pay seriously, anxiously, enthusiastically lol

I'm pretty sure I asked my mom several times when I was younger what the hell is 13th month? Are they not telling us everything in school, is there a month after December and before January? Wth.

Well, she may or may not have told me about it before but I just fully understood it recently.

Thirteenth-month pay is a form of monetary benefit given to every rank-and-file employee.

The Department of Labor and Employment (Dole) said that every rank-and-file employee in the private sector has the right to receive 13th month pay, provided they worked for at least one month in a year.

The computation is your total basic salary multiplied to the number of months of your employment and divide to 12.

There's a reason why it puts a smile to our faces because we know it’s huge. But I'm warning you, you need not to exhaust your entire bonus to celebrate an extravagant Christmas. Instead, use it to finance other necessities or pay your credits. Remember that you only receive this huge paycheck once a year, so don't throw it all down the drain for festive food. The holiday gets warm because of the people we celebrate it with anyway.

2. You get super happy and feeling lucky for winning a washing machine on your company Christmas Party

Has your Aunt or Uncle ever taken you to their company's Christmas Party before? And have you recalled how bored you were during the raffle time that’s taking too long because you’re all exhausted after joining probably all the parlor games with cotton candies and peppermint lollipop as prize?

I definitely do! I remember protesting why we need to win those stuff if we already have one that we’re already using in the house. Then when I started becoming overly practical, I thought just how extra-helpful winning those house appliances is; especially, when I started joining company parties myself.

3. You worship every person who offers food/gift certificates/canned goods/in-kinds (lol) because you’re too conscious about spending a lot of money on groceries

When was the last time you went to the supermarket with your mom or better question is, when was the last time your mom treated you for a grocery supply? You can’t remember, right? That’s because that’s no longer their job, you’re already earning on your own so, if you want to stay sane and keep eating, better practice being thrifty to survive haha.

Being a Tita—or whatever they may call it, becoming mature should not be something to be ashamed of because that only means we are getting independent. We acknowledge the idea that we have to be responsible on our own and think practical every time. That’s the idea of growing up.

So, be proud and raise the flag if you relate on any of these. Way to go mga mumsh!


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