Trinidad: The Feast of the Archangels

SEPTEMBER 29 is Michaelmas, the Feast of the Archangels.

Michaelmas is also known as the Feast of St Michael and all the Angels.

There are 7 core Archangels mentioned in the bible, the most recognizable ones are Archangels Michael, Rafael and Gabriel.

Uriel, the 4th Archangel, is not directly named in the Bible, but in some Jewish and Judaic writings, he is credited as the angel who warned Noah about the flood, led Abraham out of Ur, and introduced the Cabala.

I wasn’t really familiar with Archangel Uriel until that morning about 4 years ago when Chiara told me about meeting him in a dream. She said he was unbelievably handsome, with the combined features of Thor, Legoslas, Edward Cullen in Twilight, and that he had a fiery aura. She almost forgot his message, having been mesmerized by his divine good looks.

One other time, we were in a hotel room with yellow walls nearJhiuzhaigu, China. I woke up when I heard her mumbling. She told me there was a lady covered by a gray shroud walking towards her bed.

Immediately she prayed to Archangel Michael and felt his protection.

She saw his thick trunk-like arm wielding his blue sword. She said Archangel Michael smelled of fresh air, sunshine, and grass.

In Judaic tradition, there are archangels for the 7 days of the week : Gabriel for Sunday, Michael for Monday, Raphael for Tuesday, Uriel for Wednesday, Raguel for Thursday, Ramiel(Jeremiel) for Friday, and Sariel (Raziel) for Saturday.

Doreen Virtue, internationally famous Angel Channel and Angel Authority, introduced 15 Archangels to us when we took her Angel Intuitive Course in Coolum, Austrialia. Here they are in alphabetical order (from the book Archangels and Ascended Masters by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.)

Archangel Ariel, “Lioness of God”- divine magic, the environment specially water bodies, manifestation, healing and protection of wild animals.

Archangel Azrael, “The Angel of Death”- comforts the dying and the grieving, helps the soul to cross over

Archangel Chamuel, “He who sees God”- finding lost items, career, relationships

Archangel Gabriel, “God is my Strength”- artists, fertility, children, journalism, writing, mass media

Archangel Haniel, “Glory of God”- moon energies, healing, psychic abilities, clairvoyance

Archangel Jeremiel, “Mercy of God- psychic dreams and interpretations, prophetic visions, making life changes

Archangel Jophiel, “Beauty of God”- beauty, interior decorating, artistic projects and artists, beautiful thoughts

Archangel Metatron, formerly the prophet and the scribe Enoch, his name means “Angel of the Presence”- children’s issues, ADD and ADHD, writing, recordkeeping and organization

Archangel Michael, “He who is like God”-courage, protection, space clearing, direction, energy, vitality commitment to one’s beliefs, life purpose

Archangel Raguel, “Friend of God”- cooperation and harmony in groups and families, resolving arguments

Archangel Raphael, “God Heals”- healers, healing, protection during travel, clairvoyance,

Archangel Raziel, “Secret of God”- alchemy, esoteric information, psychic abilities

Archangel Sandalphon, formerly the prophet Elijah, his name means “Brother” in Greek- music, prayers

Archangel Uriel,“Fire of God”-weather, clarity, problem solving, studies, earth changes

Archangel Zadkiel, “Righteousness of God”-compassion, finding lost objects, memory, forgiveness

Archangels are the chief angels, who are in charge of all the other angels, including our guardian angels.

References to angels can be found within 3 key religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Angels, or divine helpers, are also found in the historical texts of Sumeria, Babylonia, Persia, Greece and Egypt.

Hindus call them avatars, Buddhists have devas and bodhisattvas.

This Sunday, October 2, is the Feast of the Guardian Angels. It is also the birthday of Chiara, one of our earth angels.

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