Trinidad: The Robbery Star and the Ghost Mont

A FEW days ago, a very dear friend and client told us there was a spate of robberies staged by the "akyat bahay" gang in her province in Pangasinan.

Chiara said their doors may be facing the robbery direction this month. True enough, when Aa checked via Google Maps, the orientation of the doors of the affected houses faced West.

West is the direction the robbery/loss #7 star flies to this month beginning August 7. It will stay there until September 6. The #7 star also denotes scandals.

Houses whose main doors or bedroom doors face this direction upon exit, and also those whose main doors, bedrooms or offices are located in this sector, are more prone to robbery, loss and scandal this month.

Again, take note that the #7 year star of robbery/loss/scandal resides in the North.

Again, take heart because there are cures and remedies to weaken or subdue this negative star. Have one steady cure in the North for the year, and another for the month which will stay in the West until September 6 and will be transferred to where the #7 star flies to next month.

There is also a crystal to carry to ward off negative intentions from people.

A memorable story about this crystal was relayed to us by one of our clients a few year ago. Her husband, a lawyer, had one in his pocket when he had business to attend to in Manila.

He was in a jeep when the guy beside him announced a hold-up. Everyone in the back of the jeep was held up, except him.

This month also (August 7 to September 6), is the Monkey month in this Monkey year. There is too much of the metal element which can result in vehicular accidents during periods when the Monkey clashes with the Tiger.

Those with the Tiger in their birth chart (year, month, day, or hour), and not just those born in the Tiger year, are advised to carry the animal that will protect them from this clash. Also, for protection against accidents, wear/bring your topazes.

As always, we must emphasize that for crystals to work, they must be awakened, programmed, regularly energized to be able to fulfill its potential, otherwise they become just accessories.

This month coincides with the dreaded Ghost Month too, which began August 3 and will end August 31.

Here in the Philippines, many follow the Chinese Tradition of offering food and incense for the departed, not making major purchases, not beginning new projects or not starting construction, or not having major surgery during the ghost month. Even our local stock market is affected by the ghost month. Trading is slow.

Chiara does say she sees more of the guys in "barong tagalogs" in strange locations during the ghost month. She and some of our clients have also told us of an increase in paranormal sightings.

Other "no-no's" during the ghost month:

1. Don't whistle at night.

2. Don't open umbrellas inside the house.

3. Don't leave your laundry out at night.

4. Don't stay out late. Be home before 10:00 pm.

5. Don't travel to far off or strange places if possible. Be more cautious during travel.

6. Don't walk too close to walls or dark alleys.

7. Don't go swimming.

8. Don't begin renovations during the ghost month.

To know which remedies to place in afflicted directions, Tigers in a birth chart, crystals for protection and Ghost Month practices, visit us at #29 Sari-sari Section, Baguio City Market, 4:00 to 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday. Check out our webpage at

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