Valle: Vicious cycle

FOR how long can one sustain sanity in an abusive relationship? There's no telling.

Some would say it depends on one's tolerance to pain or one's threshold for pain. If and when it gets to be too painful to bear, then the breaking point is then reached, and that's when the unthinkable usually happen.

It's difficult not to be affected somewhat with another woman's struggle, whatever be her stature or status in life. Everyone is entitled to one's basic human rights, no matter where or whichever the particular individual is situated. Just as every woman deserves to be respected, no matter what she does or what she represents, only because she is basically a member of the human race.

If animals and other living things such as those existing among us humans deserves to be respected and cared for, all the more that women should be recognized as an important player in the whole cycle of life.

And yet there are among the male species who think so much of themselves so selfishly such that they think of themselves as demigods or the mythical beings of old who were partly humans and partly divine, who ruled over and above other human beings. I know that there may be some reasons behind why some men do what they did against certain women partners they have. But the sake of argument, for me it is plain machismo or stereotypical masculinity, as Encarta English dictionary would have it.

I've read in one of those stories which the internet regularly churns out about a woman who pleaded guilty for having brutally castrated her boyfriend somewhere in the United States. In her confession, the woman herself could not believe that she was capable of doing what she did to her ka-relasyon, wherein she repeatedly stabbed her lover and slit his throat, not stopping until he was lifeless.

Her tolerance could have been tested to breaking point, and when it did, she was not able to hold herself back.

Women are known to have great patience such that they are often abused. But then again, when it is perforated and strained like a high strung line to snapping point, the result could be irreversible. And that could have happened to that guy who was killed by his good-looking girlfriend (as shown in the picture on the internet).

For what would any woman give in the name of love? Some might call it stupidity, but any woman who has given everything that she has will not hesitate to surrender even her freedom just to maintain the kind of "happiness" she thinks she wants.

There are many such kind of women, some would say "clinging"-type of women who would want to own all to herself the man she loves, to the point of "strangling" the relationship too tightly. But who could blame such women?

The norms in society continue to dictate on all of us. Through the media, we are being controlled on what kind of person we should become. The whitening products is a multi-billion business that continue to flourish because unconsciously, all of us have been dictated how to look, even if our values formation in schools are trying to set it right by teaching the present generation that we should love ourselves for what we are.

It is all because of that vicious cycle that we are all caught in.


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