Valley dads considering speed limit ordinance

IN A bid to lessen accidents in the municipality, members of the La Trinidad municipal council are pushing to pass a proposed ordinance setting a speed limit in the valley.

Authored by vice mayor Joey Marrero and councilor Roderick Awingan, the proposed law sets speed limit to all kinds of motor vehicles within the territorial jurisdiction of municipality.

Otherwise known as the “La Trinidad Speed Limit Ordinance”, the decree pushes for a renewed regulation and adoption of traffic rules and lessen traffic accidents caused by over speeding and reckless driving.

In the proposal, a maximum speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour for cars and motorcycles while 50kph for trucks and busses will be observed along Poblacion to Tili Shilan, Tawang-Ambiong Road, Balite-Longlong-Puguis Road, and Tiptop Beckel to lower Beckel.

A speed limit of 40kph and 30kph is encouraged from the municipal downtown, Puguis, Kilometer 5, KM 3 Town to Poblacion, and KM 6 Swamp area.

Meanwhile from the La Trinidad public market, trading post to the municipal hall, and all barangay roads must observe 20kph maximum speed limit.

Exemptions however will be provided for private and government ambulances, private and government motor vehicles responding to emergency, and all other private vehicles ferrying patients to and from any medical facility.

The proposed ordinance is anchored with the existing section of Republic Act 4136 which states “Any person driving on a highway shall drive the same at careful and prudent speed, not greater nor less than is reasonable and proper, having due regard for the traffic, the width of the highway, and of any other condition then and there existing; and no persons shall drive any motor vehicle upon a highway at such speeds as to endanger limb, and property or any person, nor at speed greater than will permit to bring the vehicle to stop within the assured clear distance ahead.”

Penalties for erring motorists include payment of P1,000 and P2,000 for first and second offenses while a fine of P2,500 including impounding of motor vehicle will imposed on third and succeeding offense and will be referred to the Land Transportation Office pursuant to RA 4136.

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