Vinluan: Exercise syndrome

EXERCISE has its own patterns, conditioning and disorders, described in general as any physical activity that we do every day, people do physical activities with different purposes, likewise when people exercise they do have a different purpose or reasons why they do it.

Exercise is the most effective way aside from diet to make physical health at its best shape that’s why people indulge themselves in different exercises, sports, physical activities and the like. However, people sometimes “hit the wall” when they do their routines because they are caught in between “true or false” following exercise traditions.

Ask people of the most effective way how to exercise and you’ll have just as many different answers. On the other hand, questions like does exercising on an empty stomach shed more fat? Or does exercising on lower intensities burn more fat?

Having no scientific proof on the fat burning theory, experts say that exercising on an empty stomach will affect the quality of workout because energy loss will be quicker and is recommended that eating something easily digestible before exercise makes the body and muscles have enough energy for a workout.

Burning fat is one of the most notable questions individuals ask when they exercise. It is true that low intensity exercise burns more fat during exercise but not after, because it burns more calories from fat than from carbohydrates, as carbohydrates is spared for high-intensity exercise.

However, this is no reason to scarcely work out to sweat. Most importantly the type of fuel used during exercise is the total number of calories burned. High intensity exercise also increases the metabolic rate, burning even more calories from fat after exercise.

Despite infomercials or products that claim to target specific areas of the body, such as the abs or thighs, and sounds too good to be true, it probably is. However, body spot reducing does not mean exercising to death any area on your body to shed those fat, because reducing has more to do with burning calories and dieting than with how many reps you do, because when the body burns fat, it takes little bits from every part of the body.

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