Vinluan: The food conspiracy

FAT is virtually present in every meat we eat, in bread, cakes prepared with shortening of any kind. Such foods should supply enough fat for any true nutritional purpose; but food are pleasant, easy to eat, and are tempting.

Take for example a toast loaf of bread with a slice of belly bacon with egg, sprinkled with pepper or topped with mayonnaise or ketchup, and you can eat this with relish and no sense of deprivation, however, on the first reading this may sound like an orgy of cholesterol and calories that you need to have subtle modifications.

It is also a good idea to cut down on foods to which fat has been deliberately added; take your cream toppings, lard or shortening in pies and pastries, cream salad dressings, and all of the bulk of fried foods, to the extent that it turns a dark day for the obese when French-fried potatoes in deep fat are replaced by boiled potatoes as a favourite.

Excess fats are unwelcome whether saturated or unsaturated, in terms of calories, fat are fat. In terms of cholesterol, there may or may not be much difference among types of fats in the diet. It is generally agreed that some fat in the diet is essential, even as the body manufactures its own fat out of carbohydrates and other food-stuffs in metabolizing them for extra energy.

Food conspiracy is either good or bad as we mix food we eat everyday not knowing its fat or nutritional content only to satisfy our appetite. Reducing food intake however, to avoid unwanted fats often amounts to changing one’s taste in customary foods and learning new tricks in cookery.

This is not dieting even, but it does represent a minor adjustment in habit to avoid too much fat, too many calories, too much salt, etc. or eating too much just because it tastes good, avoiding them keeps surplus calories out of the system.

When numerous dishes have been slightly modified for nutritional thrift, it encourages an appetite for the bulkier foods that supply essential proteins and other nutrients, and that the saving in calories will amount to a surprising total in the course of the year.


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